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Well, shit.

So the story goes, after a couple cocktails last night, having been in high heels for fifteen hours, and walking through the Common on our way home, Matt and I thought it would be a good idea if he gave me a piggy back.

Apparently I didn’t get my ass up far enough when I hopped on his back, and for some reason at the time in order to get a little bit of a boost, Matt decided to pick up a little speed.


That lasted about oh, four seconds, and then we were both face down on the pavement in the middle of the Common.


After we both checked in with each other to make sure we weren’t dead or had broken anything, we had a good laugh that went on for quite a bit.  I gathered myself up off the ground and we found out that I was missing one of my black heels?  No where to be found on the pavement, we looked around, and finally found the sucker lying in the grass several feet away from us.  Apparently the shoe got some distance on the Wipe Out.

Unfortunately, Matt ate the pavement with his face, which really, could have been so much worse, because all he came out of it with was a little bit of a cut on his nose, and then a pretty nasty cut on his hand, and a scrape on his right elbow.

Since I was on his back, he broke my fall as well, taking the brunt of it.  I ended up with a couple scrapes on my hands, but where I got the worst of it was on my right knee.  Me and my knee issues! 

I now look like a ten year old with scraped up hands and knees, and one mother of a bruise to boot, which is sexy.

And of course this whole situation went down the weekend of our 10K, which is tomorrow.  Thankfully it wasn’t a hell of a lot worse.  I’ve been icing my knee because it’s pretty sore, but I think that by tomorrow it will be a bit better, and I’ll have that amazing view to keep me distracted, remember?

Anylotsofscrapes, more updates to come after tomorrow’s race!  Wish us luck!


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