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One good thing among the many good things about long runs, is that when you’re running upwards of two hours, eating meals like this come guilt free:

Saturday night, fourteen of us headed out for my grandmother’s 80th birthday.  The whole dinner was a surprise, and my grandmother’s face when she walked into the restaurant and saw the group of us waiting for her was priceless:

Just look at them!  How adorable are they?  It’s moments like this that I will remember for a lifetime.

Here’s a couple more from the evening, just because I’m feeling all look-how-savvy-I-am-I-can-upload-a-boat-load-of-pictures-at-once!

ignore the black shadow on the lower left?

all the grandkids with the birthday girl!

and this one really got me-- manfriend/grandfather bonding time.

And while I’m on the picture kick, here’s two from a little picnic Matt and I went on this weekend down by the Charles to enjoy the nice weather…

Doesn’t that look yummy?  I’ve been saying that I wanted to have a picnic for a long time now, and I finally convinced Matt who I’m pretty sure had a really good time!  Drinking Prosecco outdoors by the water?  Yes please!

And since this is a running blog, I’ll give you a short and not so sweet but okay update on that front.

Saturday we ran 8 miles after having taken the week off, remember?  It was just okay.  Not great, not horrible.  It was hot and humid and by the end, my knee was killing me.  Kind of like last year.  And here I thought I was out of the woods with that one!  But frozen veggies are again my friend, and I’ve been icing it off and on.  Hopefully I’ll kick that injury to the curb.

And the blisters, they’re back too.  Today’s run felt really good, despite the knee mishap over the weekend.  I’m thinking it is indeed the socks, and not so much that I need to totally stear clear of cotton, but just pick the right ones, and I’m finding out which are better for me vs. others.  Saturday?  8 miles and no blisters.  Today?  5 and some serious killers.  It’s like Mother Nature or some running devil is trying to keep me from wearing high heels tomorrow for my birthday and let me tell you, I’m not having it!

This blog has its name for a reason.  Fine I’ll run sans heels but no way will I be birthday-ing with my ManFriend, out for a very special date that we’ve been looking forward to for a while, in FLATS.  No way in hell.

What was the highlight of your weekend?


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Well, shit.

So the story goes, after a couple cocktails last night, having been in high heels for fifteen hours, and walking through the Common on our way home, Matt and I thought it would be a good idea if he gave me a piggy back.

Apparently I didn’t get my ass up far enough when I hopped on his back, and for some reason at the time in order to get a little bit of a boost, Matt decided to pick up a little speed.


That lasted about oh, four seconds, and then we were both face down on the pavement in the middle of the Common.


After we both checked in with each other to make sure we weren’t dead or had broken anything, we had a good laugh that went on for quite a bit.  I gathered myself up off the ground and we found out that I was missing one of my black heels?  No where to be found on the pavement, we looked around, and finally found the sucker lying in the grass several feet away from us.  Apparently the shoe got some distance on the Wipe Out.

Unfortunately, Matt ate the pavement with his face, which really, could have been so much worse, because all he came out of it with was a little bit of a cut on his nose, and then a pretty nasty cut on his hand, and a scrape on his right elbow.

Since I was on his back, he broke my fall as well, taking the brunt of it.  I ended up with a couple scrapes on my hands, but where I got the worst of it was on my right knee.  Me and my knee issues! 

I now look like a ten year old with scraped up hands and knees, and one mother of a bruise to boot, which is sexy.

And of course this whole situation went down the weekend of our 10K, which is tomorrow.  Thankfully it wasn’t a hell of a lot worse.  I’ve been icing my knee because it’s pretty sore, but I think that by tomorrow it will be a bit better, and I’ll have that amazing view to keep me distracted, remember?

Anylotsofscrapes, more updates to come after tomorrow’s race!  Wish us luck!

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Yesterday I did my long run, my first ever 6 miler, which was really great and all, but then this:


is not so good.

Matt and I went together, and my knee started hurting on this run circa mile 2 or 3, which is kind of unusual as most my runs are 3-5 lately, and there hasn’t been a problem.  Here and there when I first started off, I was getting the same pain on the lateral side of my left knee, so I’ve been very conscious to spend extra time on butt stretches, and also making sure to really stretch my iliotibial band.  After the run yesterday it really wasn’t feeling so great, so I iced it a bit, and just laid low last night.

Today wasn’t a whole lot better, so I iced it off and on all day long (with the peas!), and now it’s finally starting to feel a little bit better. 

On the one hand I’m super pumped to have cranked out six miles for the first time ever, but I feel a bit discouraged with the knee issue that all of a sudden resurfaced.  I’m hoping with some more ice tonight, maybe some Advil, and some more time stretching in the morning, that the pain will ease up.  I really don’t want to take much of a break, as I’m on a really good streak lately.  At the same time, I’m going to listen to my body and if it doesn’t ease up in the next day or so, I’ll take a few days off and get back to it after that.

Fingers crossed!

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