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Well looksie here; I haven’t updated this running blog of mine in two months!
You know what?  That’s pretty much because I haven’t ran in two months.  TWO MONTHS OF NO RUNNING!
Which is mostly true, but not 100% true.  There was the time off that I took between Thanksgiving and the end of my social life, ie: studying for finals last semester.  But then there was that (albeit very) brief stint wherein I tried to become buddies with the treadmill for a few solid weeks during my month break.  This was just alright for me, as I’m a pretty big hater of any running done not on the road, but I toughed out it a bit, and I even added in some weight training again.
Oh yes I did!
And all of this was cool for a few weeks there, when I had a little extra time on my hands.  It was also nice to mix it up a little bit with some other cardio and not just running, which is what I was accustomed to for the past nine months prior. 
When the New Year rolled around, my co-workers decided they wanted to do The Biggest Loser.  And they decided they wanted me to be their very own personal Jillian Michaels.  Which I guess is supposed to be… flattering?, and all, but here’s news:  A, my abs don’t look like this:
and B: I’m not a militant trainer and ALSO, I hate yelling.
And also, I prefer Bob:
(Even though Bob prefers other Bob’s.  Did you know that?  And while we’re at the education part of this post, did you know that I might have better luck with Jillian, than Bob?)
More Bob:

Bob getting his yoga on.

 I like Bob.
ANYWAY, what I’m getting at in this winded post is, I miss running, and working out, regularly.  I’ve been missing it since school started back up, and now with me posing as Jillian at work until mid-March when this competition ends, it’s really got me thinking that I need some serious exercise back in my life, especially if I’m the one who is supposed to be motivating others to do the same.  Yes, my schedule is kind of crazy these days, and getting up super early to work out before leaving for work at 7:15am is a big feat.  And yeah, I don’t get home most nights until almost 10pm, so, evening workouts aren’t so much an option (and working out at night never really was my go-to anyway).
However, no more excuses!  I’m on a mission to hunker back down again, and at least commit myself to working out 4 days a week.  Three mornings, and one weekend.  Even when I have clinicals every other weekend, I can hopefully still squeeze in a little workout between coming home from the hospital and the time I cozy up on the couch in my jammies with a glass of wine, since that’s the kind of typical Saturday night I crave after a busy week.  Even if I just get home on a weekend night and do an hour of yoga, I’d still feel better than doing nothing.  And soon, it’ll be getting nicer again (when Mother Nature decides to stop dumping snow all over Boston), and I know that will motivate me too.
How’s your Winter training going?

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This Saturday is the Journey of Hope walk for MS!
The team that we’re walking for, St. Elizabeth’s (where Matt receives his treatment), is in the lead having raised a whopping $24,103!!!
And guess who is the top fundraiser for our team?!
None other than my one and only partner in crime/running partner/soon to be cohabitating boyfriend!/lucky guy who gets to put up with my Crazy on the regular/amazing ManFriend!
Yup.  Matt has raised $1,840!!  This is after increasing his goal again and again because kind, generous, thoughtful family and friends kept donating more and more!  Now his goal is at $2,500 and wouldn’t it be swell if he could reach that?!!
I’m so, so proud of my Matt.  Running with him really helps to put things in prospective, you know?  Here I think I’m having a bad day if I have a sore knee or something, or am struggling with an eight mile run, yet he powers through almost every single run without complaint, and he’s dedicated and strong, and very often he’s the one encouraging me to push myself just a little bit more.
He’d say his MS is “no big deal.”  And if you knew him, you’d agree.  Other than us playing nurse and patient every Sunday night (get your minds out of the gutter), where I freak out for about ten minutes before he convinces me that giving him his shot is good “practice” for me as I’m, yanno, going to be a nurse and all one day not so far away (finally) (!!), then you’d seriously never know that he has this MS thing going on.  He runs several times throughout the week, he busts out a 10-14 mile run on weekends, all that on top of playing hockey and lacrosse on weeknights, working full time, taking good care of me, and being totally amazing in the process.
Every day, I feel more admiration for Matt with his positive attitude, his determination, and the humility with which he approaches this whole thing.  I can only imagine how I’d face things if I were in his running shoes, and it wouldn’t be too pretty.  I think I’d be much more woe is me but then again, you never really know how you’ll face this kind of thing until you’re actually thrown right into it.  The bottom line?  I feel so damn lucky to be with Matt, each and every day.  For his outlook and drive are qualities that I truly admire, and I love him that much more for this whole thing.
Are you doing any charity walks or runs this year?  Have you done them in the past?  What’s your best fundraising tip?

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