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Well looksie here; I haven’t updated this running blog of mine in two months!
You know what?  That’s pretty much because I haven’t ran in two months.  TWO MONTHS OF NO RUNNING!
Which is mostly true, but not 100% true.  There was the time off that I took between Thanksgiving and the end of my social life, ie: studying for finals last semester.  But then there was that (albeit very) brief stint wherein I tried to become buddies with the treadmill for a few solid weeks during my month break.  This was just alright for me, as I’m a pretty big hater of any running done not on the road, but I toughed out it a bit, and I even added in some weight training again.
Oh yes I did!
And all of this was cool for a few weeks there, when I had a little extra time on my hands.  It was also nice to mix it up a little bit with some other cardio and not just running, which is what I was accustomed to for the past nine months prior. 
When the New Year rolled around, my co-workers decided they wanted to do The Biggest Loser.  And they decided they wanted me to be their very own personal Jillian Michaels.  Which I guess is supposed to be… flattering?, and all, but here’s news:  A, my abs don’t look like this:
and B: I’m not a militant trainer and ALSO, I hate yelling.
And also, I prefer Bob:
(Even though Bob prefers other Bob’s.  Did you know that?  And while we’re at the education part of this post, did you know that I might have better luck with Jillian, than Bob?)
More Bob:

Bob getting his yoga on.

 I like Bob.
ANYWAY, what I’m getting at in this winded post is, I miss running, and working out, regularly.  I’ve been missing it since school started back up, and now with me posing as Jillian at work until mid-March when this competition ends, it’s really got me thinking that I need some serious exercise back in my life, especially if I’m the one who is supposed to be motivating others to do the same.  Yes, my schedule is kind of crazy these days, and getting up super early to work out before leaving for work at 7:15am is a big feat.  And yeah, I don’t get home most nights until almost 10pm, so, evening workouts aren’t so much an option (and working out at night never really was my go-to anyway).
However, no more excuses!  I’m on a mission to hunker back down again, and at least commit myself to working out 4 days a week.  Three mornings, and one weekend.  Even when I have clinicals every other weekend, I can hopefully still squeeze in a little workout between coming home from the hospital and the time I cozy up on the couch in my jammies with a glass of wine, since that’s the kind of typical Saturday night I crave after a busy week.  Even if I just get home on a weekend night and do an hour of yoga, I’d still feel better than doing nothing.  And soon, it’ll be getting nicer again (when Mother Nature decides to stop dumping snow all over Boston), and I know that will motivate me too.
How’s your Winter training going?

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First let me fill you in on the fact that Matt is back up and running again! Literally.  After a good dose of steroids over the past couple of weeks, his legs are back to normal and we’re back in action on our marathon training.  This my friends, is super exciting and in fact, cause for celebration!

So when Matt got the feeling back in his legs, we decided to celebrate with a weekend away in Montreal!

Not really.  Well, yeah really.  We DID go to Montreal for a little getaway last weekend, but it’s been a trip planned for months.  Just so happens that it came at a perfect time, as we were really able to enjoy every last drop if what the city had to offer.

Last drop?  Does that make you think of beer?

Lots of beers.  And lots and lots of yummy, indulgent, write-home-about food:


mmmm crepes!

We headed up to Montreal for a wedding.  Matt’s buddy from lacrosse tied the knot, and we took the opportunity to make a long weekend out of it.  It was so, so much fun!  There’s so much to tell you, from the indulgent desserts that we ate, all of the walking and exploring we did of the city, the relaxing, the quality time we had together.  It was just perfect.  Just what we needed.

enjoying a beer and cigar outside at jazz fest!

we really don't clean up too bad when we're not running, eh?

I don’t know why it looks like I’m going to fall towards the camera.

making friends with other couples at our table who, like us, knew no one but the bride and groom at the wedding!

We had so much fun.  Montreal is an interesting, and eclectic city for sure.  Lots to see and do, eat and drink, lots of opportunity to laze around, explore, eat and drink, check out the culture, speak French!, and did I mention, eat and drink???

cornucopia of deliciousness!

i died last weekend. and went to HEAVEN.

If you haven’t been to Montreal, I totally recommend checking it out.  It’s a fun little city with so much to see and do. We enjoyed every little bit of our three day escape there!  Can’t wait to go back one day again!

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I’m still alive and haven’t fallen off the face of the earth or gotten stuck in the Sex and the City vortex (was that seriously one of my last posts here?).

I’m alive and well and I took just under a two week vacation from running, and now I’m back to it when I can fit it in. Which hasn’t seemed all too often lately, but I’m of the “keep calm and carry on” mentality these days (or that’s what I’m telling myself anyway), so I’m trying not to stress.

(“Trying” being the key word here.)

I did get in an 8 mile run last weekend which went just fine. And this weekend is supposed to be something like 100 and fifty bajillion degrees so there’s something to look forward to…?!?!

I’m trying these days to stress less about the runs that I miss and focus more on the good runs that I do get in.

Afterall, for the next just over four months (eighteen weeks, 126 days, etc. etc. if you’re wondering) running is going to be on my brain. Chicago will be here before we know it, so it’s not like I’m going to just check out on training. I think what I needed was a little break from the accountability of it all. Accountability, very well and good in its own right, sometimes takes the fun out of things, no? I go to work because I have to, because I need to be there, because The Man says so, not because it’s necessarily FUN day in and day out.

So I didn’t want running to get like that for me.  It hadn’t.  But I didn’t want it to. Yes, I need to be accountable to a very real degree, seeing as how I’m training my body to run 26.2 consecutive miles. But at the same time, I was craving a little bit of freedom with it. I’ve learned, after all this training, that I can skip a weekly run here and there and still run a damn good long run on the weekend. I’ve learned, that it’s okay to cut my ten mile run two miles short because I’d rather be watching The Hills. I’ve learned, that pushing myself extra hard on the last mile home makes that bowl of icecream taste even better. I’ve learned, that the more pressure that I put on myself does not necessarily always equal a better result. Sometimes? Sometimes it could equal burnout, and that’s not a place I wanted to be. So before I got there, I took a little time out, and I’ve come back with a better outlook. Funny how that happens, no?

Anyway. Here I am. Enjoying the lovely weather today, being thankful for my wonderful friends and family and especially my Matt. We’re having such a great time living together.  I’m here, living in the moment and trying like mad not too be too hard on myself these days. Afterall, isn’t the whole point of things to be kind to yourself, to nurture our own needs, so that we can be at peak performance for everything else we have to face on a daily basis? I think so.

I’m working on it.

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Here’s The Situation.

Not this Situation:

But The Situation going on around here lately.  So since Thanksgiving, there hasn’t been a whole lot of running going on around here.  As in, since Thanksgiving I have run 4.5 miles.

4.5 miles since Thanksgiving!  That’s it!

Not only that?  But I’ve been EATING like I’ve been RUNNING.  Running like I was back in July, August, September, October….

Eating + NOT RUNNING = Bad News Bears.

A couple weeks go, Matt and I got up in the morning, were enjoying our coffee, watching TV, and his roommate comes down the hall decked out in full running attire, ready to run 7 MILES!

Seven miles!  I couldn’t remember the last time I ran seven miles, and I can’t exactly explain what went on inside me during that time, but I was feeling pretty disappointed in myself.

I know that after training for a big race, there’s the period where you Just Don’t Want to Run, and that’s to be expected, I suppose.  Well I went through that stage, took a couple weeks of hard training off, then got back into gear, kept running before the race at Thanksgiving.  But after that?  All running came to a screeching HALT.

And I miss it.  Maybe all it took was that morning, hearing Matt’s roommate was about to go out for seven miles.  Maybe that was the push I needed to motivate me out of my Time Off stint.  I knew right then and there that this lazy phase was over and it was time to get back in action.

That day, Matt and I ran those 4.5 miles, and they felt pretty good.  I have no doubt that we’ll work our mileage back up again over time.  Over time being the key here, as I’m such a fair weather runner.  In other words, call me a wimp, but I’m not going out there to run if it’s below 40, and certainly not on a weekend like this, where the temperature is in the low teens with a windchill that could knock you on your ass.

All that being said, I’m getting back on track here.  Running wise and blogging wise.  I know that I’ll get there.  I’ve been lax about keeping up with posts over here, kind of hibernating during these winter months.  In a lot of ways that’s felt really good.  I needed a bit of a break, but now it’s time to hunker down again. 

Matt and I are already signed up for Boston’s Run to Remember (link is over there on the side), and are totally pumped to register for Chicago in the next month or so (read: when we can save a whopping $135 for race registration!).  Having some races on the books to look forward to really makes committing to training a whole lot easier.  Besides these two, we’re also looking into one or two races around St. Patty’s Day, which I may or may not be interested in solely based on the fact that this shirt is involved:

So it’s not ALL ABOUT THE SHIRT, but I’m a girl who loves all things green, anything Irish, and all running gear.  This may just get me off my ass after all.

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So, I guess it’s been a little while since I’ve been here.  And almost just as long since I’ve hit the pavement.
I kept saying that once daylight savings hit, and it was lighter in the mornings, I’d be back out there, ready to go after it again on my morning 5 milers to start the day off right. 
But it just hasn’t happened.
Not yet anyway.  Then again, isn’t always something, some excuse of something else you could be doing (in my case at 6am, it’s staying warm and cozy under the covers), of somewhere else you could be, rather than out on the road getting in the run that you so adamantly have been claiming you want to do for the past three weeks?
I think the thing is, at least for me anyway, it’s about just getting up and fucking doing it.  Because let’s be honest, there’s always going to be an excuse of why you don’t do it, the bed is always going to look comfy, the arms of my boyfriend are always going to be appealing, and the snooze button will always seem like the right answer.
Until you just get up and stop your whining and DO IT.
Initiation, that’s what I need to get my booty on.  And it’s not that I don’t have it in me.  If there’s one thing the last several months of training have taught me, it’s that I have the gusto and drive in me to do it, to get my butt in gear and out of bed and on the road and keep doing it day after day and week after week, but I think the difference lately is the fact that I don’t really have a goal.
That makes such a humungo difference, you know?
Knowing that in x amount of time, I needed to run 13.1 miles kept me accountable.  I couldn’t just skip a 5 mile run during the week or a long run on the weekend because the idea of a few extra minutes sleep or brunch and Bloody Mary’s was more appealing.  It just wasn’t going to work.
So, though it’s not a huge and lofty goal like the last time, signing up for the Feaster Five with Matt and a couple friends will give me something to work towards again.  A reason to get out there, and then keep getting out there, because I remember how good it feels when I’m on that pavement.  I remember how much I miss it, actually. 
What I’ve also realized that I’ve missed is other cross training, like kickboxing and yoga and pilates.  While I added that into the mix from time to time during my training, it wasn’t really anything consistent, as running was my absolute focus.  I’m excited to get back in the groove with those things.  I’ve been kickboxing a few times a week, and plan on picking back up on my pilates package that I have at a local place nearby.
Small, mini goals are still important in their own way, right?
So, that’s the latest here.
Oh, and hello to all the newbies that have found me over here!  I look forward to getting to know you and sharing some insight and tips while going after our various goals, big or small (be it running a half or a full marathon, or just getting four runs in a week so that all these yummy cool weather meals (and wines) can be enjoyed with a little less guilt!).

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