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Well looksie here; I haven’t updated this running blog of mine in two months!
You know what?  That’s pretty much because I haven’t ran in two months.  TWO MONTHS OF NO RUNNING!
Which is mostly true, but not 100% true.  There was the time off that I took between Thanksgiving and the end of my social life, ie: studying for finals last semester.  But then there was that (albeit very) brief stint wherein I tried to become buddies with the treadmill for a few solid weeks during my month break.  This was just alright for me, as I’m a pretty big hater of any running done not on the road, but I toughed out it a bit, and I even added in some weight training again.
Oh yes I did!
And all of this was cool for a few weeks there, when I had a little extra time on my hands.  It was also nice to mix it up a little bit with some other cardio and not just running, which is what I was accustomed to for the past nine months prior. 
When the New Year rolled around, my co-workers decided they wanted to do The Biggest Loser.  And they decided they wanted me to be their very own personal Jillian Michaels.  Which I guess is supposed to be… flattering?, and all, but here’s news:  A, my abs don’t look like this:
and B: I’m not a militant trainer and ALSO, I hate yelling.
And also, I prefer Bob:
(Even though Bob prefers other Bob’s.  Did you know that?  And while we’re at the education part of this post, did you know that I might have better luck with Jillian, than Bob?)
More Bob:

Bob getting his yoga on.

 I like Bob.
ANYWAY, what I’m getting at in this winded post is, I miss running, and working out, regularly.  I’ve been missing it since school started back up, and now with me posing as Jillian at work until mid-March when this competition ends, it’s really got me thinking that I need some serious exercise back in my life, especially if I’m the one who is supposed to be motivating others to do the same.  Yes, my schedule is kind of crazy these days, and getting up super early to work out before leaving for work at 7:15am is a big feat.  And yeah, I don’t get home most nights until almost 10pm, so, evening workouts aren’t so much an option (and working out at night never really was my go-to anyway).
However, no more excuses!  I’m on a mission to hunker back down again, and at least commit myself to working out 4 days a week.  Three mornings, and one weekend.  Even when I have clinicals every other weekend, I can hopefully still squeeze in a little workout between coming home from the hospital and the time I cozy up on the couch in my jammies with a glass of wine, since that’s the kind of typical Saturday night I crave after a busy week.  Even if I just get home on a weekend night and do an hour of yoga, I’d still feel better than doing nothing.  And soon, it’ll be getting nicer again (when Mother Nature decides to stop dumping snow all over Boston), and I know that will motivate me too.
How’s your Winter training going?

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Seven weeks into marathon training probably isn’t the time to figure such things out like, YOUR SHOES NOT FITTING correctly.  But leave it to me and my blisters to tell you that something is decidedly not right with my feet these days, and I think it all goes back to the sneaks!

Tell me, do you go up a size or a half a size in running sneakers?  I’m normally a size 8 high heel regular shoe.  Last year when I did my half, I went up to an 8.5, and that seemed to work pretty well.  There’s always been slight blister issues, but not so much that I had any issue while running, more that my feet just hurt afterwards.  Enough that I could deal.

So I figured, why not try going up another half a size?  When it was time to get my new sneaks this time around, I explained to the friendly runner gurus at Marathon Sports my whole blister debacle, and the nice chick there suggested I try going up to a 9.  I tried them out that day right then and there, ran up the street and back, and they felt fine.  They were the same brand as before (Asics), just the 2010 version.  Marathon Sports is cool in that they let you try out the shoes for something like two or three weeks, and if you’re not satisfied, you can return them and switch to a different pair.  Well I did try them for a few weeks.  And they were fine!  They felt good, there really wasn’t any huge issue.  I was still getting blisters but I just figured, apparently I have blister feet, or something, and kept on going.

I ran a half marathon in them, and I’ve been training with them ever since.  But the blisters, they’re getting worse.  I’m down three toe nails at this point and still have the pedicure question, but now want a 30% discount since I’m DOWN THREE TOE NAILS!

Yeah, ew. I know.

And this from me, a girl who used to LOVE a good, relaxing, soothing pedicure!  But no more.  I haven’t been in months, and my feet, they’re-a-hurtin’.

(Sidenote: Don’t ever, ever google “woman + blisters” if you don’t want to fear for your life, OR, if you’re eating dinner at the same time and don’t want to totally lose your meal. I’m just sayin’.)


So other than my poor little tootsies, things here are going just swell in the way of training.  Last weekend I set a personal distance record, racking up 14 miles!  Besides the hot as hell hot and humid weather we’re having here, all things considered, the run went really well.  I finished in 2:20, running about a 10 minute mile.  Given this extreme heat, I was pretty happy with that.

Oh and also?  I’ve finally decided to smarten the heck up, and I’m using a water belt!  Who’da thunk that this little sucker would be such a lifesaver?!

I swear every time I come here that I’ll come here more often.  And life just seems to be getting away from me these days.  I have been reading all these great running blogs lately, and yummy food blogs, all these in addition to the filled to the brim google reader I constantly have with hundreds of my favorite blogs that I’ve known and loved for several years now!

What’s your favorite blog to check out for running inspiration or advice?  Or, your favorite blog that has nothing to do with running, but that you love just because?

In no particular order, here are a handful of my go-to blogs for both running related things and not so much running related things.  Check them out!

  • SoMi Speaks– I’m lucky enough to know this lovely lady in real life as well as through our blogs.  She’s run multiple marathons, lives in Chicago, and she and her husband “Sweets” are going to be our gracious hosts for the marathon this October!
  • Life According to Mel Heth– This newly engaged gal is also a runner!  She lives on the West Coast and writes about her daily life, enjoying the everyday (including wine and cheese!) with her Mr. Wonderful, and the running she does near wine country!
  • I Run, You Run– This chick lives in DC and is battling some serious heat these days on her long runs! And I think we have it bad in Boston!  She’s also newly engaged, and likes to race with her cutie fiance Karl!
  • JustRunJustLiveJustBe– Aww Lesley.  I just have so many wonderful things to say about my Colorado running mentor of a friend.  Though we’ve never MET in real life, we’ve known each other for … almost FOUR years now?  She’s run more races than I can count, she’s an amazing writer, and a fabulous photographer!
  • Skinny Runner– She’s funny, she’s fast, she dishes about celebrities, she busts out 10 miles like it’s her job, and her JOB job is pretty effing sweet!  She’s a chick version of Deadliest Catch, heading to Alaska in the summertime to do that whole dangerous fishing thing.
  • running, eating, living in the real world– We share the same name! I don’t think she knows who I am, but I google stalk her blog on the regular.  She’s a college graduate also training for the Chicago marathon!  And she’s battling some nasty heat these days in Florida!

Tell me some of your go-tos!

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Who has nine desperately-need-to-be-pedicured toes and one missing toenail?!
That would be me!
And right in time for this weekend’s race!
I have been jonesing for a pedi for a couple weeks now, figuring that would be my treat after the race this weekend.  Last night that fated toenail that went gnarly a few months back lost it’s great fight and now, my biggest question is whether I can get a discount at the nail salon, since I’m getting 1/10th less service?
(Do I crack you up too?  Imagine how lucky Matt is that he now gets front row passes day in and day out to this Crazy of mine now that we’re officially living in sin!)
More on that later, as well as the fabulous MS walk that went over so well last weekend!
For now, my response to anything and everything this week is, “it’s Sex and the City week!”- hence why I’ve been with my head in the clouds, dreaming of Jimmy Choos and Aiden and the four girls back in action on the big screen!
I’m heading to the show (for the second time!) tonight with the ladies.  At a theater that serves cocktails!  On a week when I decided to “eat clean” and therefore JUST SAY NO to all things alcohol!  Seriously.  What was I thinking, planning this race on the same weekend as the sequel of one of my favorite movies hits the big screen!?
I’ll be back over the weekend at some point, with pictures of last weekend, and our attempts at shining the bedroom floors (beer was still in the menu last weekend so THANKFULLY there are summer ales involved in that project), a full race report from the half this weekend, and maybe even some talk of hot dogs because it is Memorial Day weekend after all.  And what’s this weekend without a couple dogs on the grill?!
Hope you all have a fantastic, sunny, Sex and the City filled weekend!

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Yesterday was Marathon Monday!

I didn’t get a chance to get down there to the course this year, which is kind of dissapointing.  I did catch a chunk of it on tv, a totally different experience that clearly does no justice to being there in person, but it had to do for yesterday.
The thing that sucks about watching the marathon on tv rather than actually being there?  Well, there’s several things that are way better about being there in person, but one that my girlfriends and I kept noticing yesterday was those damn commentators.
You guys, they’re really, really annoying.
I mean REALLY annoying.  And not for nothing, but hello Captain Obvious!  No kidding the dude who’s leading the pack looks like he might be struggling a bit.  Oh, and really, these people train for months?!  You don’t say!  I had no idea!  I had no clue that one needs to actually TRAIN for a 26.2 mile race and how could these people ever be struggling coming off of Heartbreak Hill?!
Thank you so very much Mr. and Miss Newscaster for enlightening me.  Without your help yesterday, I don’t know how I would have ever understood what was going on!
Seriously, we muted their asses after a while because it was just too much.
But!  Despite their penchant for stating the obvious, I was paying attention at one point, and good thing!, because look who I spied right behind these two chatterboxes!

"Blondie, that Thor dude is quite the machine! He's wearing green. He just finished 26.2 miles!"

Thor!  You truly are an inspiration!  You and your three hour finish have me in awe!
And congrats to all my other friends who completed yesterday’s race! 
I’m all that much more scared excited for Chicago now!

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I personally think that Cameron Diaz is too annoying skinny, but you can’t deny that the girl has some rockin legs. 

Here’s how she get’s these smokin’ gams. 

Now if only we all had our very own personal trainer, chef, pilates instructor, etc…

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