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So those damn turkeys were out again today, and this time there were five of them!

We were running on the same road of the incident before, and I specifically said to Matt, “do you think the birds will be out again?”  And through the trek uphill (that hill sucks), he grunted out a “no,” and we proceeded on our way.

Not three minutes later did we see the whole gang chilling on the side of the road this time, the side we were running on (of course).  I immediately told Matt to hurry his pace the hell up, because I didn’t want an encounter with these beasts.
(We’ve never had an encounter before, but I have a weeeee little fear about birds as of late.  After the claw I found on my car last week, and then the bird literally shitting on my shoulder the next day, and the fact that I have not seen the so called “good luck” from that incident as of yet, I figured steering clear of these suckers would be in our best interest!)
As it turned out, the birds stuck to their side of the road and we went to ours.  They kind of stared at us and I had a mild heart attack and also got to add an unplanned sprint in the run, but we escaped from the experience unscathed.
Annnyrealweirdexperienceswithbirds, other than that, the run was mostly good, other than the motherf@*&^%$ heat!  (I’m censoring my language for Matt’s mom who I hear sometimes reads the blog.  (Hi Judy!)  Though, she’s met me in person and knows of my not-so-innocent mouth, and I think she’s still happy that her son is dating me?, so hopefully I’m okay.)
Tomorrow is a shorter run, Friday we’ll do another 4.5, Saturday=OFF (and beach!), and Sunday is 7 miles! 
Hold me.

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