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less than two weeks to go!

What? I can’t believe that in two weeks from today, I’ll have finished the marathon.

While at times this training seemed long and never ending, looking back at it all now, two weeks away from the big day, it all seems to have flown by.

On my 12 mile "short" run yesterday, I was feeling awesome. While running was the last thing I wanted to do after a full work week and a full clinical weekend for school, I didn’t let my self talk get the best of me, and decided to go out there with a great attitude and go after this second to last weekend run before race day.

Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I watched The Spirit of the Marathon this weekend? This is such an inspirational movie; have you seen it? Did you need tissues nearby too?

I highly recommend checking out this documentary before any race you have coming up, big or small. I’d even check it out if you’re not a runner, for though the focus of the film is following a group of people training for Chicago marathon, I think it’s about much more than just running. It’s about determination, perseverance. It’s about pushing yourself past what you think your limits are. It’s about love, and family, and yeah, it’s a lot about running. And it’s wonderful. Totally check this one out.

It’s a rainy, dreary day outside today where I am. How is it where you are? How’s your running? How’s life?


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They say at this stage of the game, to trust your training. Easy for them (who are “they” anyway?) to say. I’ve never trained for and competed in a full marathon, so I guess I have to trust and believe in THEM.

My other running buddies, who have done marathons before, tell me that I’m ready, that I’m prepared. That if I can do the 20 miler, I can do 26.2. They tell me that those last 6.2 are going to hurt, but they say I can do it.

The scary, freaky, holy hell what am I doing God’s honest truth here is, I believe them.

I do think I can do it. I think I am ready. I think I’ll finish.

But I’m scared as shit right now. (Am I supposed to admit that?)

I’m nervous! And I know, I know, it’s normal at this point. If I was going into it all confident and without a care in the world, that would make me nervous. I’m questioning it all. Have I trained enough? What if I crap out after mile 13? What if I go out too fast? What if I trip and fall in my high heels this week and sprain my ankle? Will I wear the right outfit? Will I be too hot? Too cold? What if I fall apart, where will I get the strength to finish this thing?

I know it’s normal. And that’s the scary part too! Because I have a feeling this is all par for the course here, and these nerves, this pre-race anxiety isn’t going to just go away. And I know damn well that a good dose of it is good for me! I just fear that I’m not ready. So many people know that I’m doing this. I don’t want to fail.

But, how about that 20 miler yesterday? Kevin and I totally crushed that run, and no, not without some complaining throughout. But we finished! And we didn’t drop! And we finished in pretty good time. And it was hotter than expected and we were sore and we would have rather been watching football with our friends or out sitting by the Charles which we were running by having a picnic instead of hoofing it by the picnic-ers, but… we did it.

We did our 20 miler, and “they” say, we’re ready.

Now I just need to believe THEM.

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Last year, when I trained for my half marathon, I decided to run for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute team.  With the generous donations of friends and family, I ended up raising over $2,000 towards cancer research!  This was such an accomplishment for me.  Not only to train for, and race in my first half marathon, but also to raise so much money for a cause that hits so close to home for me.  Both of my maternal grandparents fought a heroic battle with cancer in 2008.  There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of them and the wonderful people they were.  They are my true guardian angels and I miss them like crazy, every day.

This time around, when I decided back in February that I was going to run the Chicago Marathon, I decided to run not affiliated with a charity.  Since this race was coming pretty quick off the heels of my half marathon that I had just raised so much for, I didn’t want to ask people to donate again.  I didn’t want anyone feeling obligated or like they had to donate, thinking “geeze, all this chick does is ask us for money!”

So for five months, through July or so, I had been going along in my training, supporting friends who were running for charities (check out Kevin’s blog too!), and enjoying the process.

Then in mid-July, I came across Girls on the Run.  Girls on the Run is a program developed for young girls, between the ages of eight and thirteen.  It combines training for a 3.1/5K race, with self esteem enhancing activities and workouts.

“The goals of the programs are to encourage positive emotional, social, mental, spiritual and physical development.”

The goal of this program is to empower girls at an early age, in order to prevent at risk activities in the future, like drug and alcohol use, eating disorders, and the early onset of sexual activity.

The more I read about this program, the more I fell in love with the concept!  I had to get involved!  So I searched around, and found that guess what?!  There’s a Boston chapter of Girls on the Run!  Check it out!

Girls on The Run also has this really great program that I have gotten involved with, called Solemates.  Solemates is the adult portion of the Girls on the Run program.  As a member of the Solemates team, I am raising money to help support my local Boston council.  By doing this, I’m helping raise money to help young girls compete in train in their own 5K in Boston!

I know that my intention was to run the Chicago Marathon not affiliated with a charity, but hen I found Girls on the Run, something about it really caught my attention.  I used to volunteer with Big Brother/Big Sister a few years back, and I really enjoyed it.  I think there’s something really wonderful about working with young girls, teaching them the importance of a strong self esteem and confidence and self worth early.  And to combine all of that with running?  Hell yeah!

Thanks for listening to my little shtick here.  But don’t just take my word for it!  Check out the links for yourself, and see what a great program Girls on the Run and Solemates are!

If you’re interested, you can check out my fundraising page, and donate here!  THANKS!

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  • The marathon is exactly 30 days away! (I think this is under the GOOD?)
  • The good: I ran 19 miles last weekend. My longest distance ever! In Reno! So, so good!
  • The not so good: I haven’t ran since then. I haven’t had the energy this week! Between classes every night and getting to bed around midnight (I’m all wound up when I get home at 10ish), I haven’t had it in me to be up at 5am or earlier to run. I feel guilty.
  • The good: Matt and I went to visit my dad and stepmom in Reno over the long weekend, and had a fabulous time! Wicked good.
  • The not so good: Have you ever been on an airplane when it got struck by lightening? No? I hadn’t either. Until last week. Yeah… THE NOT SO GOOD! Everything turned out fine, after I had a mini panic attack and visions of Oceanic Flight 815 flashed before my eyes. Except only there was no Sawyer on my flight. And no pretty pretty island down below. Just a plane full of nervous passengers wondering what the hell was going on. Thankfully all turned out okay and it only made for a little delay getting into Reno, and hey, a good story to come home with!
  • The good: I’m loving my new Adidas kicks! I got them a few weeks ago, and though my tootsies are still not pedicure-worthy, I’ve finally found a shoe that doesn’t cause more blisters. They’re light and they feel great and I’m foreseeing good things on 10/10/10 with these puppies!
  • The not so good: I miss pedicures.
  • The good: Fall is on the way! I can feel it in the air, and I’m a full out Autumn lover. Everything about it, from the pumpkin lattes to the crisp air to the leaves changing color, the apple picking and the scarves and sweaters and soft leather boots!, to the pumpkin carving and pumpkin chili!, I love everything about this season. Bring it on baby!
  • The not so good: Is there anything not so good about Autumn? Okay, other than it getting dark super early? Except for me, that can still be under the good, because it’s lighter earlier, which means lighter for AM runs!
  • The good:I start my clinical rotations for nursing school this weekend! I’m excited and nervous and anxious and can’t wait!
  • The not so good: A busy weekend ahead, with kind of zero free time. Friday night, Saturday all day, and Sunday all day I’ll be spending in the hospital. Little time with Matt and little time for myself. Hmm. Next week though, the good is that I have class only ONE night!

What’s good and not so good with you these days?

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