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I almost got skunked!

This morning on my earlier than I ever want to be up, ever run, I saw a skunk. I was making my way down the road on the left, and she (I’m making Skunk a "she" because I feel like I always end up most animals like a random squirrel or turtle or turkey a HE, and the ladies deserve a little love too), she was making her way UP the road, right for me. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had a skunk/human run in before. I didn’t want to piss little miss off, get her to go all skunky on me, so I decided to divert my course. Which means I zigzagged across the road, kind of hanging out on the double yellow lines for a little longer than I ever would, because I can do that kind of thing at freaking 5:30am in the morning, because not a single soul is on the road.

Except for Miss Skunk. Who I avoided, and didn’t piss off, THANK GOD.

Actually the not a single soul on the road thing is a lie. There were three other souls that I encountered worth mentioning. One, was a homeless man sleeping on a bench in front of a bar. That was one. Two and three were two teenage seeming individuals. I’m running down the road and I hear the dude of the two people yelling random, unintelligible phrases and the chick of the two is giggling. I’m close enough now so that they see me and the dude yells out, "What up Waltham! It’s going to be a good day!" I was pleasantly surprised by this interaction and also, believe him to maybe have been on some sort of Jack Daniels downswing, but who am I to say? I’m just a girl, running earlier than I ever want to be up ever, running in the middle of the road trying to avoid skunks.


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Rainy 18

Yesterday I reached another milestone! 18 miles!

I wish that I could link to his blog (I’ll fix that later tonight!), but my buddy Kevin and I ran loop after loop (after loop) around the Charles yesterday morning. We both agreed that the weather, albeit drizzly and a little bit chilly compared to late, in the mid 60’s, was a MUCH needed break from some of these sweltering, humid, 90+ degree days that we’ve had to run in, pretty much all summer.

Not only is this route great for the scenery of the Boston skyline, but there are water bubblers (water fountains for all you non Boston people!) all around. It made keeping hydrated so much easier than stopping at a convenience store or rationing fluids for the whole run.

The 18 miles really went by fast! I mean, all things considered, I guess. Running with Kevin was great! We hadn’t seen each other in a few months, so we spent the first hour and a half catching up, and the later part of the run just encouraging one another, throwing out high fives here and there that holy hell, we’re really running 18 miles right now!

I feel good today. A little sore, but not so bad. My mom and Stepdad came over for dinner last night, and I was lucky enough to get another mini massage (this time the focus was on my feet, which were aching the most!), and even a Reiki treatment, as my mom is a Reiki Master!

Do you know about Reiki? I’m trained in Reiki I. The whole concept is about "life force energy" that’s abundent in the Universe. We can tap into this energy to help achieve a better sense of balance, health, and well being. Last week my mom gave me a pretty extensive treatment of Reiki, and I swear, it worked wonders! Come Monday morning, after my massage and combo of Reiki, I was feeling like $100 bucks! Definitely not as though I had run 15+ miles.

I’m sure my mom could describe this all a little better. Hey, maybe a guest post in the works?!

Anyway, that’s about the scoop from here. We have a rainy week in the books it looks like. To be honest, I’m kind of looking forward to a little rain. Cool things off a bit! And I love running in the rain!

Hope your long runs, or short runs, or margaritas on an outdoor patio (those happened this weekend too), or whatever you did to make you happy this weekend really did the trick. Happy Monday!

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Why do weekends away have to go by so fast?!

And look at my lovely personal massage therapist, by the way!

Not only am I completely spoiled that my mom is a massage therapist as I’m in the throws of training for a marathon; that’s not even the best part.

The BEST part of my relationship with my mom, is that she’s my best friend.  I consider myself really blessed to have the relationship that we do.  We’ve always been close, in that mother-daughter kind of way, but we’re also fortunate enough to have a really sweet friendship as well.  My mom is one of those people who oozes good energy and positivity when she walks into a room.  She’s beautiful and kind.  She’s thoughtful and inspirational.  She can ALWAYS make you laugh, and she’s always encouraging me, and others, to pursue their dreams and passions in life.  I look up to her in so many ways, and consider myself uniquely blessed to have such an amazing woman as a mom.  My life is infinitely better because of all of the good she adds to it.

So.  As you can imagine, a weekend away with my mom is nothing short of fabulous!

(don't ask)

Beers, and walking, coffee shops, seafood, laughter…. before we knew it, it was Sunday morning and time to head back so that I could get in my 17 mile run.  The weekend flew by!  (I wish my run did.)

The run was actually really good.  Another personal distance milestone for me, even though the run only ended up being 16 miles instead of 17.  16 miles of rolling hills, and come the tail end of it, my legs were screaming.  I was pretty beat, and also, out of water.  And also, kind of felt like I was going to hurl.

But all things considered, I’m pretty happy with how the run went.  Since I wasn’t running right near home, I wasn’t familiar with the area so much, and didn’t expect the hills here and there.  Not that I can’t do hills- Heartbreak Hill is part of my training runs some days, but it wasn’t really in the agenda this week, so I wasn’t really prepared.  Mentally, mostly. Physically, I was okay…but I was sure ready to get home for the much anticipated massage I had on my mind the whole entire run!

The massage was so, SO good.  It was exactly what I needed after the longest run I’ve done ever.  And I can say that even more so now, two days later, when usually my legs would be feeling the soreness of that many miles, and wouldn’t you know?  I have not one ache or pain to speak of!

If you can get your own, personal massage therapist, who will treat you to a wonderful weekend away in NH, then give you the best massage ever, and send you home with a bottle of wine and fresh ears of corn for you and your ManFriend to enjoy and also, homemade blueberry jam?  I would highly recommend it.  It’s pretty damn good.  I’m just sayin’.

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running away

The one thing that I’m really loving about training for the marathon (less than 2 months away baby!), is that I’m really able to see progress. That’s one of the things I love about running in general actually.

I was peaking back at some of my posts circa a year ago and reflecting on how back then, four miles seemed like a big deal. And those four miles were a big deal! Just like every milestone that I hit. Two weeks ago when I ran 15 miles non-stop? That feeling was amazing! (Also, that feeling was kind of sore, but mostly amazing.)

If you had told me a year ago that I’d be going for a 17 mile run this coming Sunday of August, I would have believed you as much as I believe that Allie and Roberto are going to stay together for the long haul. (I hope they do!)

Today my mom and I are leaving on a little girls’ getaway to Portsmouth! To be quite honest, and blunt?, it will be quite nice to get the hell out of dodge for a couple days. Work has been overwhelming lately, my nursing classes finally start up next week, and before I know it, I’m going to be (literally) running a mile a minute. My mom and I have taken short little getaways before, and they’re always a blast. Plans on tap: the local brewery, the cute little coffee shop that we love downtown, lots of walking around, shopping, catching up, laughing, good food, and a 17 mile run on Sunday.

I figured, why not just push back the long run one day? I haven’t a clue where to run 17 miles around where we’re going, so instead, I’ll run near my mom and stepdad’s house when we get back on Sunday afternoon. Oh, and how convenient is this? I’ll be returning back to my personal massage therapist of a mom, for a good rub down on my legs, which I’m sure I’m going to need after this 17 mile crazy-ness!

While I’m gone, Matt and Cosmo are on their own. I’m going to miss my two boys! Hopefully they won’t get into too much trouble left to their own devices.

Have a great weekend!

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