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Seven weeks into marathon training probably isn’t the time to figure such things out like, YOUR SHOES NOT FITTING correctly.  But leave it to me and my blisters to tell you that something is decidedly not right with my feet these days, and I think it all goes back to the sneaks!

Tell me, do you go up a size or a half a size in running sneakers?  I’m normally a size 8 high heel regular shoe.  Last year when I did my half, I went up to an 8.5, and that seemed to work pretty well.  There’s always been slight blister issues, but not so much that I had any issue while running, more that my feet just hurt afterwards.  Enough that I could deal.

So I figured, why not try going up another half a size?  When it was time to get my new sneaks this time around, I explained to the friendly runner gurus at Marathon Sports my whole blister debacle, and the nice chick there suggested I try going up to a 9.  I tried them out that day right then and there, ran up the street and back, and they felt fine.  They were the same brand as before (Asics), just the 2010 version.  Marathon Sports is cool in that they let you try out the shoes for something like two or three weeks, and if you’re not satisfied, you can return them and switch to a different pair.  Well I did try them for a few weeks.  And they were fine!  They felt good, there really wasn’t any huge issue.  I was still getting blisters but I just figured, apparently I have blister feet, or something, and kept on going.

I ran a half marathon in them, and I’ve been training with them ever since.  But the blisters, they’re getting worse.  I’m down three toe nails at this point and still have the pedicure question, but now want a 30% discount since I’m DOWN THREE TOE NAILS!

Yeah, ew. I know.

And this from me, a girl who used to LOVE a good, relaxing, soothing pedicure!  But no more.  I haven’t been in months, and my feet, they’re-a-hurtin’.

(Sidenote: Don’t ever, ever google “woman + blisters” if you don’t want to fear for your life, OR, if you’re eating dinner at the same time and don’t want to totally lose your meal. I’m just sayin’.)


So other than my poor little tootsies, things here are going just swell in the way of training.  Last weekend I set a personal distance record, racking up 14 miles!  Besides the hot as hell hot and humid weather we’re having here, all things considered, the run went really well.  I finished in 2:20, running about a 10 minute mile.  Given this extreme heat, I was pretty happy with that.

Oh and also?  I’ve finally decided to smarten the heck up, and I’m using a water belt!  Who’da thunk that this little sucker would be such a lifesaver?!

I swear every time I come here that I’ll come here more often.  And life just seems to be getting away from me these days.  I have been reading all these great running blogs lately, and yummy food blogs, all these in addition to the filled to the brim google reader I constantly have with hundreds of my favorite blogs that I’ve known and loved for several years now!

What’s your favorite blog to check out for running inspiration or advice?  Or, your favorite blog that has nothing to do with running, but that you love just because?

In no particular order, here are a handful of my go-to blogs for both running related things and not so much running related things.  Check them out!

  • SoMi Speaks– I’m lucky enough to know this lovely lady in real life as well as through our blogs.  She’s run multiple marathons, lives in Chicago, and she and her husband “Sweets” are going to be our gracious hosts for the marathon this October!
  • Life According to Mel Heth– This newly engaged gal is also a runner!  She lives on the West Coast and writes about her daily life, enjoying the everyday (including wine and cheese!) with her Mr. Wonderful, and the running she does near wine country!
  • I Run, You Run– This chick lives in DC and is battling some serious heat these days on her long runs! And I think we have it bad in Boston!  She’s also newly engaged, and likes to race with her cutie fiance Karl!
  • JustRunJustLiveJustBe– Aww Lesley.  I just have so many wonderful things to say about my Colorado running mentor of a friend.  Though we’ve never MET in real life, we’ve known each other for … almost FOUR years now?  She’s run more races than I can count, she’s an amazing writer, and a fabulous photographer!
  • Skinny Runner– She’s funny, she’s fast, she dishes about celebrities, she busts out 10 miles like it’s her job, and her JOB job is pretty effing sweet!  She’s a chick version of Deadliest Catch, heading to Alaska in the summertime to do that whole dangerous fishing thing.
  • running, eating, living in the real world– We share the same name! I don’t think she knows who I am, but I google stalk her blog on the regular.  She’s a college graduate also training for the Chicago marathon!  And she’s battling some nasty heat these days in Florida!

Tell me some of your go-tos!


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These long weekends always seem so long at say, 2:00PM on a Friday afternoon as I’m staring at the clock hoping to get out early, but by the time Monday night rolls around, I just never know where the time went!

This weekend was HOT hot blazing hot here.  Friday night Matt and I ate a really yummy dinner at Post390, a newer restaurant in the city.  Really good!  The post hard lemonade went down really smooth- strawberry ruharb a perfect summer flavor.  We started with the pecking duck [potstickers, which were the perfect portion and really yummy.  Not being a big fan of duck, I was a little leery about this one, but they were really yummy.  Matt went with the soft shell crabs for dinner, and for training purposes only (ahem), I decided to carbo-load and get the four cheese macaroni with fire roasted jalapeno.  I opted out of the duck ham (again with the duck), and added grilled chicken instead.  You know, to make what I can only imagine a 1,000 calorie + dish a teeeeensie bit healthier.  Right.  And yum.

The rest of the weekend was really low key.  We spent a lot of time deep cleaning our little apartment, switching around some furniture, talking about new room decor and paint colors.  Saturday night we went to the Sox game, a PERFECT night in the city for a game.  When we left at the bottom of the 8th, they were winning 9 to 1!  Sweet!

Our seats were awesome!

Earlier that day, and I mean earlier, as we tried to get out there to beat the heat, we got in a 12 mile run.  This is the first time that I’ve run with water, and woamygod!  I totally noticed a difference!  I had one small bottle with just water, and the other with gatorade.  On a 90+ day with extreme humidity, it’s stupid to run without hydration.  I really noticed a difference in my energy level, even after sipping just a little bit of water.  It helped a whole hell of a lot.

Yesterday for the 4th, we of course hit a BBQ with some family:

hi mom!

Hope you all had a Happy 4th of July and are staying cool out there!  Bachelorette time!

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First let me fill you in on the fact that Matt is back up and running again! Literally.  After a good dose of steroids over the past couple of weeks, his legs are back to normal and we’re back in action on our marathon training.  This my friends, is super exciting and in fact, cause for celebration!

So when Matt got the feeling back in his legs, we decided to celebrate with a weekend away in Montreal!

Not really.  Well, yeah really.  We DID go to Montreal for a little getaway last weekend, but it’s been a trip planned for months.  Just so happens that it came at a perfect time, as we were really able to enjoy every last drop if what the city had to offer.

Last drop?  Does that make you think of beer?

Lots of beers.  And lots and lots of yummy, indulgent, write-home-about food:


mmmm crepes!

We headed up to Montreal for a wedding.  Matt’s buddy from lacrosse tied the knot, and we took the opportunity to make a long weekend out of it.  It was so, so much fun!  There’s so much to tell you, from the indulgent desserts that we ate, all of the walking and exploring we did of the city, the relaxing, the quality time we had together.  It was just perfect.  Just what we needed.

enjoying a beer and cigar outside at jazz fest!

we really don't clean up too bad when we're not running, eh?

I don’t know why it looks like I’m going to fall towards the camera.

making friends with other couples at our table who, like us, knew no one but the bride and groom at the wedding!

We had so much fun.  Montreal is an interesting, and eclectic city for sure.  Lots to see and do, eat and drink, lots of opportunity to laze around, explore, eat and drink, check out the culture, speak French!, and did I mention, eat and drink???

cornucopia of deliciousness!

i died last weekend. and went to HEAVEN.

If you haven’t been to Montreal, I totally recommend checking it out.  It’s a fun little city with so much to see and do. We enjoyed every little bit of our three day escape there!  Can’t wait to go back one day again!

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