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Who has nine desperately-need-to-be-pedicured toes and one missing toenail?!
That would be me!
And right in time for this weekend’s race!
I have been jonesing for a pedi for a couple weeks now, figuring that would be my treat after the race this weekend.  Last night that fated toenail that went gnarly a few months back lost it’s great fight and now, my biggest question is whether I can get a discount at the nail salon, since I’m getting 1/10th less service?
(Do I crack you up too?  Imagine how lucky Matt is that he now gets front row passes day in and day out to this Crazy of mine now that we’re officially living in sin!)
More on that later, as well as the fabulous MS walk that went over so well last weekend!
For now, my response to anything and everything this week is, “it’s Sex and the City week!”- hence why I’ve been with my head in the clouds, dreaming of Jimmy Choos and Aiden and the four girls back in action on the big screen!
I’m heading to the show (for the second time!) tonight with the ladies.  At a theater that serves cocktails!  On a week when I decided to “eat clean” and therefore JUST SAY NO to all things alcohol!  Seriously.  What was I thinking, planning this race on the same weekend as the sequel of one of my favorite movies hits the big screen!?
I’ll be back over the weekend at some point, with pictures of last weekend, and our attempts at shining the bedroom floors (beer was still in the menu last weekend so THANKFULLY there are summer ales involved in that project), a full race report from the half this weekend, and maybe even some talk of hot dogs because it is Memorial Day weekend after all.  And what’s this weekend without a couple dogs on the grill?!
Hope you all have a fantastic, sunny, Sex and the City filled weekend!

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This Saturday is the Journey of Hope walk for MS!
The team that we’re walking for, St. Elizabeth’s (where Matt receives his treatment), is in the lead having raised a whopping $24,103!!!
And guess who is the top fundraiser for our team?!
None other than my one and only partner in crime/running partner/soon to be cohabitating boyfriend!/lucky guy who gets to put up with my Crazy on the regular/amazing ManFriend!
Yup.  Matt has raised $1,840!!  This is after increasing his goal again and again because kind, generous, thoughtful family and friends kept donating more and more!  Now his goal is at $2,500 and wouldn’t it be swell if he could reach that?!!
I’m so, so proud of my Matt.  Running with him really helps to put things in prospective, you know?  Here I think I’m having a bad day if I have a sore knee or something, or am struggling with an eight mile run, yet he powers through almost every single run without complaint, and he’s dedicated and strong, and very often he’s the one encouraging me to push myself just a little bit more.
He’d say his MS is “no big deal.”  And if you knew him, you’d agree.  Other than us playing nurse and patient every Sunday night (get your minds out of the gutter), where I freak out for about ten minutes before he convinces me that giving him his shot is good “practice” for me as I’m, yanno, going to be a nurse and all one day not so far away (finally) (!!), then you’d seriously never know that he has this MS thing going on.  He runs several times throughout the week, he busts out a 10-14 mile run on weekends, all that on top of playing hockey and lacrosse on weeknights, working full time, taking good care of me, and being totally amazing in the process.
Every day, I feel more admiration for Matt with his positive attitude, his determination, and the humility with which he approaches this whole thing.  I can only imagine how I’d face things if I were in his running shoes, and it wouldn’t be too pretty.  I think I’d be much more woe is me but then again, you never really know how you’ll face this kind of thing until you’re actually thrown right into it.  The bottom line?  I feel so damn lucky to be with Matt, each and every day.  For his outlook and drive are qualities that I truly admire, and I love him that much more for this whole thing.
Are you doing any charity walks or runs this year?  Have you done them in the past?  What’s your best fundraising tip?

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Have you guys ever used compression socks? Or compression leg sleeves? Or maybe just those sexy grandma compression socks you can get at Target on the cheap?

These puppies, the legit ones anyway, are pretty expensive. But I’ve heard good things about them. Supposedly they help to increase blood flow to the legs, helping you recover faster. Sarah over at Skinny Runner busts out these bad boys a few days before a race and then afterwards to help with recovery.

I’m wondering, what are your thoughts? Have you ever tried them? Do you think they really help before or after (or during?) a race?

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This whole week I’ve been one day ahead of myself! Yesterday felt like Wednesday and today feels like Thursday and I just want the weekend already!

Last weekend was really good! I’ll save the shmoop about how I missed Matt and all while he was watching the Flyers WIN on Friday and visiting with family over the weekend. I had myself a nice little weekend while he was out of town! Cocktailing with friends on Friday, dinner with my parents on Saturday and a failed run before that, then more family time on Sunday. So sweet!

Yeah, Saturday I learned that leftover booze in your belly + a 12 mile run + a hangover VERY MUCH DO NOT = an epic run.

I ran out 1 mile. I walked back 1 mile. I’m a rockstar like that.

I actually usually opt out of cocktails or at least partying like Lindsay Lohan for Friday nights (I save my party for Saturday) (who am I kidding, I’m usually calling it bed time by 11pm on the weekends these days). Anyway the point is, and yes I think I have one?, is that I usually take it easy on Friday nights, fuel my body with good things like a healthy dinner and water and sometimes a little wine because wine never hurt anyone, but what I DON’T usually do is toss back pomegranate smash martinis and shots and beers (and no I’m not actually a candidate for my favorite show it just seems that way) the night before a long run.


I nixed the run on Saturday for obvious reasons and Sunday I tackled it again on my own (sniff), with my blueberry/pomegranate GU Chomps that were really good!, and all went a hell of a lot better than 24 hours prior.

And that’s basically my story and there’s not much more to say on that other than, hmm, that Chomp flavor would probably most definitely make a really yummy martini, huh?

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You guys, tomorrow I gotta do a long run of 12 miles, and I won’t have my favorite running buddy by my side because he’s Philly-bound in a couple of hours for the Bruins/Flyers game tonight!


It’s tough having such a divided relationship!  Of course I stick to my roots and cheer on the Bruins whereas Matt is a gung-ho Flyers fan. 

While any other time, it would be nice to see the Bruins or any Boston sports team do a nice sweep, I’m hoping for Matt’s sake that tonight the Flyers pull through.  Especially since he’s going all the way there with a few of his buddies!  I hope they see a win! 

Speaking of moments of win and all, my surprise birthday dinner was one of them.  We went to one of my favorite restaurants that we’ve been wanting to go back for a while now.  Look how happy I was!

mmmm wine!

And here’s us… and YUP, that’s a birthday candle in the cheese!!  Such a good night!

Everything was wonderful on my birthday.  How birthdays should be, yes?  My mom met me at work for lunch.  We split a turkey wrap, and she brought homemade chocolate cupcakes!, which we ate by the water.

And to cap off my birthday week (I’m milking this whole thing as much as I can!), I’m heading out tonight with some good fiends for a couple of drinks, then celebrating with my parents tomorrow night AND THEN my family on Sunday!  Birthday wins for me all around! 

On a totally unrelated but should be related note (since this blog is kinda sorta supposed to be about running?), I picked up some of those Gu Chomps to bust out on tomorrow’s run.  Film at 11 on how I feel about these puppies.  (Does anyone else say “film at 11?”  My mom and I always say it, but I’ve never heard a single other person use the phrase so hell if I know if it will make sense to anyone other than us!  I guess it just means… “I’ll update you all… at 11 at a later point.)

Happy weekend!

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One good thing among the many good things about long runs, is that when you’re running upwards of two hours, eating meals like this come guilt free:

Saturday night, fourteen of us headed out for my grandmother’s 80th birthday.  The whole dinner was a surprise, and my grandmother’s face when she walked into the restaurant and saw the group of us waiting for her was priceless:

Just look at them!  How adorable are they?  It’s moments like this that I will remember for a lifetime.

Here’s a couple more from the evening, just because I’m feeling all look-how-savvy-I-am-I-can-upload-a-boat-load-of-pictures-at-once!

ignore the black shadow on the lower left?

all the grandkids with the birthday girl!

and this one really got me-- manfriend/grandfather bonding time.

And while I’m on the picture kick, here’s two from a little picnic Matt and I went on this weekend down by the Charles to enjoy the nice weather…

Doesn’t that look yummy?  I’ve been saying that I wanted to have a picnic for a long time now, and I finally convinced Matt who I’m pretty sure had a really good time!  Drinking Prosecco outdoors by the water?  Yes please!

And since this is a running blog, I’ll give you a short and not so sweet but okay update on that front.

Saturday we ran 8 miles after having taken the week off, remember?  It was just okay.  Not great, not horrible.  It was hot and humid and by the end, my knee was killing me.  Kind of like last year.  And here I thought I was out of the woods with that one!  But frozen veggies are again my friend, and I’ve been icing it off and on.  Hopefully I’ll kick that injury to the curb.

And the blisters, they’re back too.  Today’s run felt really good, despite the knee mishap over the weekend.  I’m thinking it is indeed the socks, and not so much that I need to totally stear clear of cotton, but just pick the right ones, and I’m finding out which are better for me vs. others.  Saturday?  8 miles and no blisters.  Today?  5 and some serious killers.  It’s like Mother Nature or some running devil is trying to keep me from wearing high heels tomorrow for my birthday and let me tell you, I’m not having it!

This blog has its name for a reason.  Fine I’ll run sans heels but no way will I be birthday-ing with my ManFriend, out for a very special date that we’ve been looking forward to for a while, in FLATS.  No way in hell.

What was the highlight of your weekend?

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