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instead of running

So I’m all for pushing yourself and really going after it even if you feel like you don’t have it in you to do it, and mind over matter and the whole idea that so much of this running is mental and yadda yadda YADDA.

But I’m also very much of the camp that you should listen to your body. And my body this week? Had been sleepy my friends, real sleepy.

I’m not saying it was wise to skip out on three runs this week but I’m also not saying I feel too bad about it.

It happens. Life happens. Rain and cold weather in the middle of April and good wine and baked shepherds pie and hockey playoffs and bad cramps (TMI?) and the lure of the warm covers on a cold morning happens.

And so, this week? Not much running has happened. So what.

What is fun to look forward to though is a forecast with nothing but blue skies for the next several days, and 80 degree sunshine over the weekend, all of which makes for some real nice outdoorsy weather which I’m very much pumped for!

Also, my dad and stepmom (that’s the first time I’ve written that out, I think?, since their nuptials in August?!) are in town for the weekend for my grandmother’s 80th birthday. It’s a surprise and all, but something tells me that I won’t be letting the cat out of the bag on this one, since I’m pretty sure my grandmother doesn’t even know how to turn a computer on. Pretty similar to me actually.

Hope you all are having a fun, restful week!


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This weekend was New England weather wise, pretty good!

I had thought it was supposed to be nothing but rain all day today, but no!  Not even a drop!

Which worked out really well for Matt and I actually.  Saturday we went out for what was supposed to be our long run.  We’ll call it our Long Run That Could?  Something like that.  We were all set, off with good intentions to tackle that double digit run no problems, but apparently The Universe or maybe Matt’s foot and calves more specifically had other plans in mind for us.

No big deal.  We did a 4 mile or so run and it was a gorgeous day to boot, so we were able to at least get outside to enjoy that.  Poor ManFriend had some killer cramps going on in his calves so the ten miler just seemed not in the cards for us.

But no big deal!  I convinced him to look at it as just a nice, leisurely run in the beautiful weather, rather than a 10 mile running Fail.  And besides, we had today to go after it again anyway, and go after it we did.

We were at an hour and ten minutes in and couldn’t believe it had been that long we were out there.  The time flew by!  It was another perfect day weather wise, we finished 10.2 miles in 1:48:something, and I have some serious color on my face and only a couple blisters to show for it!

After we finished, we went and saw another apartment in what now will be dubbed The Great Apartment Search 2010, for our plans to cohabitate starting in June.  After that, we treated ourselves to an icecream and it was damn good!

Speaking of re-refueling, we tried out these energy fruit blocks today.  I’m forgetting the exact brand, but after trying out a couple different GU’s over the past couple of weeks, we found we kind of prefer these gummy block things.  Not as vom-inducing I found, and they kind of dissolve in your mouth and don’t taste bad at all.

What do you use for some energy during your long runs?  What brands do you find are better over others?

My girlfriend cut up small pieces of granola bars or power bars during her marathon, and for her, that worked.  I think I could find myself not minding that, but I know Matt prefers to not actually have to really chew anything while he’s running.  Also, since we’re starting to up our mileage, we’re thinking we’re going to start taking some water with us, at least for these long runs.  Especially with these gnarly GU’s and even with the jelly things today, I’m always jonesing for a chug of water to kind of swig it all down with!

Alright, Office Space is on now so I have to immediately plant it on the couch as we wait for dinner to finish!

What was the highlight of your weekend, running wise, or otherwise?!

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Yesterday there was a coyote.
(He wasn’t on a train.  But I liked this picture of a friendly, cuddly looking coyote compared to what we encountered.)
We were two or so miles into our six mile week day run, and out of nowhere comes this big coyote thing with a dead squirrel in its mouth! 
Not that we’re not used to this type of thing by now, what with our feathered friends on the road over near Matt’s house and all, but coyotes?!  These guys are a bit more vicious than a big bird, right?
Remember this movie?!  It used to be one of my very favorites when I was a kid.
This weekend we’re back to the double digits!  Haven’t seen that number, training wise, since back in September.  I’m kind of excited for tomorrow’s long run!  It’s supposed to be one of the nicer, sunnier days that we have left before what looks like a few day stretch of more rain.  Again.  Ick.
Hope that everyone has an awesome weekend and gets out there to enjoy any glimpse of good weather you have coming your way!

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Yesterday was Marathon Monday!

I didn’t get a chance to get down there to the course this year, which is kind of dissapointing.  I did catch a chunk of it on tv, a totally different experience that clearly does no justice to being there in person, but it had to do for yesterday.
The thing that sucks about watching the marathon on tv rather than actually being there?  Well, there’s several things that are way better about being there in person, but one that my girlfriends and I kept noticing yesterday was those damn commentators.
You guys, they’re really, really annoying.
I mean REALLY annoying.  And not for nothing, but hello Captain Obvious!  No kidding the dude who’s leading the pack looks like he might be struggling a bit.  Oh, and really, these people train for months?!  You don’t say!  I had no idea!  I had no clue that one needs to actually TRAIN for a 26.2 mile race and how could these people ever be struggling coming off of Heartbreak Hill?!
Thank you so very much Mr. and Miss Newscaster for enlightening me.  Without your help yesterday, I don’t know how I would have ever understood what was going on!
Seriously, we muted their asses after a while because it was just too much.
But!  Despite their penchant for stating the obvious, I was paying attention at one point, and good thing!, because look who I spied right behind these two chatterboxes!

"Blondie, that Thor dude is quite the machine! He's wearing green. He just finished 26.2 miles!"

Thor!  You truly are an inspiration!  You and your three hour finish have me in awe!
And congrats to all my other friends who completed yesterday’s race! 
I’m all that much more scared excited for Chicago now!

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Last Saturday Matt and I got some new kicks that we were due for! I love new sneaks!

My old ones were getting pretty gnarly. Having trained on them for the half, taken them out for a few rainy runs, and just kicking them around in general, it was time for some new ones.

But the thing about new kicks, at least for me, is that it takes a while to break these suckers in. Does anyone else have that issue? My old ones were old, but they were comfy and broken in and they were just right. But they were nearing on the end of their rope, so while it was TIME for new ones, I didn’t really want to say goodbye.

The new ones are the same exact brand and style as before (I run in Asics), and I went up a 1/2 a size. I’m forever getting blisters on the top of my toes, and even though I was up a 1/2 a size from my regular shoe size for my last pair, it was still happening. So I’m now in a full size bigger than my heels size sneaker, and hoping for the best.

So far? Blisters on the tops of the toes are a-okay, but I’ve got some arch issues going on. Blisters in the sides of my feet, again. I’m remembering how this very same issue happened last year when I got the new sneaks. And how it gets better. And so I’m going to keep telling myself over and over that THEY’RE GOING TO GET BETTER, and they better get better, because OUCH. Right now, these puppies aren’t feeling so hot.

I’m going to keep pushing through it, hoping for the light at the end of the tunnel. Also, this weekend it’s supposed to rain (and we’re going to a wedding, awesome), so I’ll probably bust out the old pair for Saturday’s 9 miler.

Have any of you had the arch blister thing going on or is it just me and my funky feet?

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i need a siesta

Oof you guys, I’m sore today.

I hadn’t run 8 miles since shortly before my half marathon. If you’re counting, that means not since oh, six months ago.

And not that we weren’t prepared for the 8 and not even that it was that bad (at all), and it’s not even that today I’m that sore so much as I’m sleepy, really really sleepy.

And so I’m walking around the office today and a delivery comes in for tools for this guy who is going to be a carpenter, and apparently he ordered this 300 pound drill press and a co-worker is helping me kinda finagle it into the corner so that Big Bob doesn’t end up taking it when he comes later this week for the rest of his tools, and I’m standing there and I’m pushing this 300 pound behemouth (I don’t know how to spell behemouth?), and I remember that holyhell, my legs are kind of aching me.

What I really want, more than anything else right now, is my bed. I just want to be able to go home after work tonight, slip into my jammies, watch DVR’d shows and have maybe one glass of wine, and get under the covers at a decent hour. Is that too much to ask? I can’t do that tonight because I’m going to be Responsible. I’m going to force myself to go to the LIBRARY straight from work so that I can hunker down and study for my Microbiology exam tomorrow, and not be tempted by DVR and Cosmo and chatting with my roommate and a chilly glass of this new and yummy Riesling in the fridge that Matt picked up on Friday and surprisingly, there’s still a little leftover.

And if the rambling in this post is any indication of where my mind is at right now, something tells me this studying may not go so well. Fingers crossed that the allure of the internet and googling celebrity gossip instead of sitting and studying doesn’t have its way with me tonight.

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I personally think that Cameron Diaz is too annoying skinny, but you can’t deny that the girl has some rockin legs. 

Here’s how she get’s these smokin’ gams. 

Now if only we all had our very own personal trainer, chef, pilates instructor, etc…

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