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So let’s see…. since the last check-in here, Matt and I got in a little run on Saturday and I ran 4 miles on my own this morning.

Not so bad. It’s freaking amazing how quickly your lungs can get out of shape! Over the weekend, we were both feeling fine in the legs, but holy hell!, not so much on the breathing. I don’t even use an inhaler but I was thinking it may have been nice to have one on hand for this first run of the season!

As quickly as your lungs can get OUT of shape though?, I’m already noticing an improvement, just from the couple runs I’ve done. This morning I felt a vast improvement from Saturday. Not totally "normal" by any means, but definitely a lot better than the first run. Also, it was in the high 30’s, and a cold-weather-runner I am NOT. Taking into consideration that it was kind of brisk for what I’m used to, and the fact that I’m still getting back into the swing of things here, I feel pretty okay about today’s run.

On Saturday, after our not-so-perfect run, Matt and I met up with my buddy Thor for a few beers and marathon talk. So we ran maybe 3 miles, TOPS on Saturday morning and Thor? He ran 22 miles. Yup, he did. And he’s all breezy and "no big deal!" about it all, and I’m sitting there listening to him just talk about it, and I’m getting tired. So Thor’s basically a machine. The dude has run, wait for it…. over 50 marathons! Can you even imagine? He’s just such a great person, and he’s got some serious passion for the sport! I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a bit catchy and inspirational.

Over my few Stella’s and the boys’ few …. darker? brews, we chatted about running and racing and training, online dating and traveling, and brewery tours and blisters and triathlons and everything in between.

I met Thor back a few years ago when I was part of a local triathlon club in the area. Back then, I got into triathlons because I had the swimming background, and figured, why not try out a couple tri’s? My love affair with triathlons lasted about a season. The swimming and running I could nail down, the cycling? With my hybrid bike, it didn’t come particularly easy, and that was the leg of the race that I lost steam on. While I won’t say that I’ll never do another tri again (I’d love to, one day), for now, I’m keeping my sights set on The Running.

On tap for later this week? Another 4 miler tomorrow with Matt, and maybe one run over the weekend, depending on the weather. It’s supposed to be a rainy mess here (again), so we’ll see what we can do.

Tonight, buying airline tickets for Chicago!!


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This weekend, Boston weather is supposed to hit a lovely high of 50 degrees! This excites me endlessly, for the fair weather runner that I am, I haven’t hit the pavement since….Icantremember, and before that?, it was Thanksgiving.

That being said, I’m in need of a freaking good run. Or three. Tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday are all supposed to be just lovely (as in, no snow, rain, or any of this muck we’ve been having lately), and that makes me a happy girl.

Other things that are making me happy lately? One of our friends got engaged this past week! In Paris! Chris and Yuanshu are friends that I got to know through Matt. Matt used to work with Chris, and Chris started dating Yuanshu not long after Matt and I started dating. The four of us have been running buddies a few times, running by the Charles together over the summer, and we all did the Feaster Five together back over Turkey Day. We’re both thrilled for them as they’re such a sweet couple, so deserving of happiness!

Other, other things making me happy? Daylight Savings coming up real soon. More daylight? Yes please!

And the thing that has had me jumping up and down and feeling over the moon for the past week now?! I’m a friend-Aunt! One of my very nearest and dearest friends, who is the closet thing I could ever ask for to a sister, Samantha and her husbie Chris, have recently welcomed just the cutest little swooner ever into the world last Saturday!

It’s funny, I never knew that I could love someone so much that I’ve never even met. I cannot wait to make a visit to NY to meet this little angel, cuddle him endlessly, smell the top of his little brown fuzzy head, and shower him with ginormous amounts of love! I’m just so excited for them!

Hope you all (all three of you who read here!) have a great weekend!

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