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Sitting on the couch with the laptop, debit cards in the breeze, dates and sizes and cash money being figured out, Matt and I signed up for two very important events….

First!, was the we’re really doing it Harry Chicago Marathon!
10/10/10, how special right? We’re registered, we’re committed, we’re THERE, and there’s no turning back now!

The second signing up was for the National MS Walk that Matt signed up for, joining the MS Center at St. Elizabeth’s team. The coolest thing about this walk, is that all money raised for the team, will go towards supporting services and treatment right at this MS Center, where Matt receives his treatment. It’s an 8 mile walk (which we’ll run) right outside of Boston, that just so happens to be the week before our half marathon, so it works out kinda perfect.

Check out his fundraising page here!

So with all this signing up and registering and planning, I guess this all means that we actually, really, for serious now, need to start…running again? What?


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