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Here’s The Situation.

Not this Situation:

But The Situation going on around here lately.  So since Thanksgiving, there hasn’t been a whole lot of running going on around here.  As in, since Thanksgiving I have run 4.5 miles.

4.5 miles since Thanksgiving!  That’s it!

Not only that?  But I’ve been EATING like I’ve been RUNNING.  Running like I was back in July, August, September, October….

Eating + NOT RUNNING = Bad News Bears.

A couple weeks go, Matt and I got up in the morning, were enjoying our coffee, watching TV, and his roommate comes down the hall decked out in full running attire, ready to run 7 MILES!

Seven miles!  I couldn’t remember the last time I ran seven miles, and I can’t exactly explain what went on inside me during that time, but I was feeling pretty disappointed in myself.

I know that after training for a big race, there’s the period where you Just Don’t Want to Run, and that’s to be expected, I suppose.  Well I went through that stage, took a couple weeks of hard training off, then got back into gear, kept running before the race at Thanksgiving.  But after that?  All running came to a screeching HALT.

And I miss it.  Maybe all it took was that morning, hearing Matt’s roommate was about to go out for seven miles.  Maybe that was the push I needed to motivate me out of my Time Off stint.  I knew right then and there that this lazy phase was over and it was time to get back in action.

That day, Matt and I ran those 4.5 miles, and they felt pretty good.  I have no doubt that we’ll work our mileage back up again over time.  Over time being the key here, as I’m such a fair weather runner.  In other words, call me a wimp, but I’m not going out there to run if it’s below 40, and certainly not on a weekend like this, where the temperature is in the low teens with a windchill that could knock you on your ass.

All that being said, I’m getting back on track here.  Running wise and blogging wise.  I know that I’ll get there.  I’ve been lax about keeping up with posts over here, kind of hibernating during these winter months.  In a lot of ways that’s felt really good.  I needed a bit of a break, but now it’s time to hunker down again. 

Matt and I are already signed up for Boston’s Run to Remember (link is over there on the side), and are totally pumped to register for Chicago in the next month or so (read: when we can save a whopping $135 for race registration!).  Having some races on the books to look forward to really makes committing to training a whole lot easier.  Besides these two, we’re also looking into one or two races around St. Patty’s Day, which I may or may not be interested in solely based on the fact that this shirt is involved:

So it’s not ALL ABOUT THE SHIRT, but I’m a girl who loves all things green, anything Irish, and all running gear.  This may just get me off my ass after all.


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You guys, it’s been almost two months since I updated this puppy (and almost that long since I’ve seriously ran), but well, here’s something. An update if you will….


Hell yes. Matt and I are signing up when registration opens, which? Is in ONE WEEK.

Yup, we’re training for a marathon.


More updates to come this weekend.

(So. Crazy. Excited!!!!!)

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