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Turkey trotting!

Happy Thanksgiving my little turkey trotters!

Tomorrow, bright and early, Matt and I and a couple friends (along with 8,000 other people, no joke) are running the Feaster Five in Andover. All the more reason to stuff ourselves silly later in the day!

Wishing everyone a special holiday with friends and family!


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So, I guess it’s been a little while since I’ve been here.  And almost just as long since I’ve hit the pavement.
I kept saying that once daylight savings hit, and it was lighter in the mornings, I’d be back out there, ready to go after it again on my morning 5 milers to start the day off right. 
But it just hasn’t happened.
Not yet anyway.  Then again, isn’t always something, some excuse of something else you could be doing (in my case at 6am, it’s staying warm and cozy under the covers), of somewhere else you could be, rather than out on the road getting in the run that you so adamantly have been claiming you want to do for the past three weeks?
I think the thing is, at least for me anyway, it’s about just getting up and fucking doing it.  Because let’s be honest, there’s always going to be an excuse of why you don’t do it, the bed is always going to look comfy, the arms of my boyfriend are always going to be appealing, and the snooze button will always seem like the right answer.
Until you just get up and stop your whining and DO IT.
Initiation, that’s what I need to get my booty on.  And it’s not that I don’t have it in me.  If there’s one thing the last several months of training have taught me, it’s that I have the gusto and drive in me to do it, to get my butt in gear and out of bed and on the road and keep doing it day after day and week after week, but I think the difference lately is the fact that I don’t really have a goal.
That makes such a humungo difference, you know?
Knowing that in x amount of time, I needed to run 13.1 miles kept me accountable.  I couldn’t just skip a 5 mile run during the week or a long run on the weekend because the idea of a few extra minutes sleep or brunch and Bloody Mary’s was more appealing.  It just wasn’t going to work.
So, though it’s not a huge and lofty goal like the last time, signing up for the Feaster Five with Matt and a couple friends will give me something to work towards again.  A reason to get out there, and then keep getting out there, because I remember how good it feels when I’m on that pavement.  I remember how much I miss it, actually. 
What I’ve also realized that I’ve missed is other cross training, like kickboxing and yoga and pilates.  While I added that into the mix from time to time during my training, it wasn’t really anything consistent, as running was my absolute focus.  I’m excited to get back in the groove with those things.  I’ve been kickboxing a few times a week, and plan on picking back up on my pilates package that I have at a local place nearby.
Small, mini goals are still important in their own way, right?
So, that’s the latest here.
Oh, and hello to all the newbies that have found me over here!  I look forward to getting to know you and sharing some insight and tips while going after our various goals, big or small (be it running a half or a full marathon, or just getting four runs in a week so that all these yummy cool weather meals (and wines) can be enjoyed with a little less guilt!).

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