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Matt and I have been saying all weekend that I need to update this little training blog of mine lest people think that we’re no longer alive!

Alive we are.  Both of us with legs that aren’t feeling 100%, go figure.

I finished my big race yesterday, in pretty much exactly my goal time.  I was aiming to finish the race in anything under 2 hours.  Figuring throughout my training I’d go a little less than a 10 minute/mile pace, that I could race at just over 9 minute miles.  Turns out that line of thinking was spot on, and I finished the race in exactly 2 hours and 45 seconds. 

Eating oatmeal on race morning!

Eating oatmeal on race morning!

Blurry me getting ready to cross the finish line.
Blurry me getting ready to cross the finish line.
Kind of exited!
Kind of exited!
Me & Mom :)
Me & Mom 🙂
Some of my cheerleaders!
Some of my cheerleaders!

And finally:

Three long weeks worth! ;)
Three long weeks worth! 😉

I really had a great race.  The course was pretty much perfect, a few rolling hills like I expected, but nothing too challenging.  The weather was a bit on the cool side in the morning, probably the coolest I’ve run in thus far.  I opted to wear capris and a short sleeve shirt under my singlet, and kept on my long sleeve zip up until about mile 2.  By then, my muscles had warmed up a bit and since the course was mostly in the sun, I wasn’t so chilly.  It was my hands that stayed cool the longest, but by around 8:45am (the race started at 8), I was feeling good temperature-wise.

There were 5,000 people who ran this race, so the whole place was packed.  Matt dropped me off for 7:15 to meet for  a picture with the Dana Farber team, who raised a total of over $300,000!  Then I had some time to stretch a bit, and kind of take everything in.  It felt really good to finally be there.  After 13 weeks of training, I had finally made it to race day and I was feeling good.

Only one thing was missing and that was my partner in crime, my training buddy all along, my Matt. 

First of all I want to send out a big thank you from both of us for all of your kind words of support and encouragement, not only over the past week when things were very uncertain with what was going on with Matt’s health, but throughout our whole training journey.  I know that this blog was started with the intention of it being about my half marathon training journey, but it became so much more than that, once Matt started running with me. 

Over the past several months, running has kind of become our “thing.”  We went to dinner with some friends a few weeks back, and they asked what our “thing” was as a couple.  We both kind of looked at each other, and in unison said, “running.”  Running has totally been our thing together, and though Matt has had to take a couple weeks off, we both have no doubt that it will continue to be our thing in the future.

After a (very) long week of waiting, and waiting (and more waiting), on Thursday afternoon we finally got an answer to all of the unknowns of the whole week.  The MRI’s and exams and Matt’s symptoms all pointed to the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.

And while that isn’t the best news in the world, it certainly isn’t the worst case scenario either.  What we know is that he is going to be okay.  That he can continue playing hockey and lacrosse and training for another half marathon, and that basically, he can go on living a seemingly normal life.  Granted, there will be a plethora of things that Matt will need to begin to do to treat this and prevent future “flare ups,” but all in all, life as we know it is going to go on. 

As nervous as I have been about all of this, it almost feels better, in a way, to finally have an answer.  The unknowns, I know for Matt and myself, were the worst.  And as he has faced all of this news with such positivity and grace, so will I.  From all of this, he’s been more than amazing.  Seriously, he amazes me with his outlook.  Where I’d be likely curled in the fetal position wigging out, he’s the exact opposite.  He’s taken this medical news and is all about going after this thing, and seriously powering through it.  He’s the type of wonderful person that once he knows what is going on, he just wants to begin to make it better.  He’s determined and positive and his whole outlook on all of this has only confirmed even more why I love him so much.

SO, that’s really the latest from here.  There are so many important things to focus our time and energy on right now.  Like love, and laughter, and the Autumn foliage outside the window.  Like living in the moment and savoring every last drop of all of the good and sweet in life.  So though this news most definitely knocked us off our feet a bit, we’re getting back up, and we’re damn determined to not let this stop our living.

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four days and counting!

Things that I have no control over:

  • Mother Nature interfering with my morning run
  • A bad hair day because of Mother Nature’s forcast
  • The amount of shoes that I’m always going to feel like I need
  • The way that Kristin Cavallari’s voice on The Hills is akin to nails on a chalkboard for me
  • Making Matt’s "Condition" all better

And the only one I really care about on that list is of course, the last one.

I just want him better.

Tomorrow he has an appointment with a Neurologist (who, wouldn’t it be nice if he looked like McDreamy? I’m just saying…). I’m going to the appointment with him, because I don’t feel like that’s the kind of appointment that one should have to go to alone. Also, his mom is coming in, as I can only imagine the kind of worry she’s feeling right now, and there’s just something about seeing someone and actually being able to hug them that brings a different kind of peace of mind than a phone call ever could.

Last night he actually was starting to get some sort of feeling back in his legs, which was all kind of weird and uncomfortable from what he said. And I’m no doctor but I can only assume that feeling is better than no feeling, which is what has been the status quo for the past week. So I’m convinced that it’s on the way to getting better. That tomorrow we’ll find out it’s some sort of pinched nerve, that it will continue to get better and maybe he’ll need some PT or some… something, to help it along, but that it will be on it’s way to back to good. I just know it.

Meanwhile, yesterday I ran 4 miles, continuing to taper down my training this week. This morning’s run was rained out, as the appeal of staying snuggled in bed far beat out the idea of getting soaked for twenty five minutes. It’s clearing up now, so I’m hoping to either get a short run in this afternoon or at least some sort of cardio. Then tomorrow is just a 2 miler, which I don’t think I’ve ever even done before; it seems so… so… little.

Then rest, and more rest, and then Sunday is the day, and I’m getting more and more psyched for it! The weather is looking good… 60’s by later in the day, but for race time, probably mid 40’s to low 50’s which is fine by me.

Fingers crossed for all of the above!

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winding down…

11 miles is lonely when you’re running all by yourself.

I always knew how much I enjoyed running with someone else, even more special was the fact that I was getting out there and hitting the pavement with my Matt. Not having him there with me this past weekend was quiet and kind of dull really. I did the 11 miles that I needed to, finshed in a really good time actually, my last long run before the big race this coming Sunday. But…the finish and feeling of accomplishment kind of lost a bit of its glimmer when I didn’t have my favorite running buddy there with me to bring it home.

Something has gone awry with Matt’s legs since last week. On Wednesday it started out, when he felt a feeling of tingling and numbness in his feet, working it’s way up his legs.
Obviously that didn’t seem normal, so he made an appointment with his doctor for this past Friday.

As the week went on, the numbness was working it’s way up his legs, to his waist and even to his outer couple fingers. Weird. And kind of scary.

He saw his doctor on Friday who wasn’t totally sure what to make of things, but was right on top of it all, ordering all sorts of blood tests to rule things out, an MRI of his spine this morning, and a neurologist at the ready in case there were any changes over the weekend, which there really weren’t.

The good news is that with all this mysterious numbness, he isn’t experiencing any pain, or weakness. It sounds like it’s just more of a hassle than anything, something weird that he just wants better, naturally.

I could tell how disappointed he was to miss our run yesterday, and how much of an even bigger disappointment it will be to miss the race this weekend, if that’s the case.

I’m no doctor, but I tend to think that it’s some sort of… pinched nerve? or something of the like? There were times when we’ve been running before, and his right foot would get a bit numb. He’d loosen his shoe and that would help. This past weekend we ran 10 miles. That’s a lot of miles, and only after that, did all this start happening. So, something tells me that this has to be to do with running; we just don’t know the exact issue, and what to do next.

We’re trying to keep positive. Hoping that if it is something with his back, that it can be fixed by some rest, some PT, etc. And there are always other races. Of course we’d love to do our first half marathon together, but the most important thing is that he doesn’t exacerbate what’s already going on.

I have a feeling that we’ll find out some more news soon. After we hear more about the MRI, he has an appt with a neurologist, etc. Please keep your fingers crossed for us that it’s an easy fix and we can get it figured out soon.

Until then, we’ll keep joking about his "condition," because humor, while it doesn’t fix the physical problem, sure has been helping us get through the past couple of days with some good laughs.

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