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So turns out, I found out (because we had no other choice really) on Sunday that I really kind of like running in the rain.

I know, it’s sick really. Almost as out there as giving up alcohol for three weeks! (11 days to go!)

The thing about the alcohol is that I don’t even really miss it all that much. I mean yes, when we sit down at the end of the day and are just chilling on the couch and relaxing, and Matt’s having a pumpkin beer and I’m having my third glass of water, it’s a little lame. But it’s not too bad at all, and hell, 11 days is going to fly by like that, I’m sure of it.

Because these past 14+ weeks have really flown by. Sometimes I can’t believe how far I’ve come. How far both Matt and I have come together! Weeks ago neither of has had ever run more than 4 miles, and now this weekend, we’re planning an 11 mile run? And we don’t even feel angsty about it? We’ve made some serious progress and it feels really good.

So. One more long run this coming weekend. Last weekend we did 10 miles for the first time ever, and it went extremely well. It’s such a reassuring feeling getting home from a run like that and feeling damn good to boot. On Sunday we will go for about 11 miles, and then next week will be tapering down, gearing up for the big race on October 11! It’s so close!

Matt’s working on getting a number for the race as we speak. The sign up for the actual registration was open and closed with in a day, not leaving him much time to get in and sign up. I signed up way ahead of time with the Dana Farber team, but now we’re getting word from a running group I’m a part of that there are a couple extra numbers available.

Fingers crossed we’ll be able to get him in!


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Finally getting a chance to update this little training blog of mine!

Life seems to have all of a sudden gotten extra busy lately. Classes started up again last week; there’s more running to be had and seemingly less time to get everything done.

The silver lining in all the new busy-ness is that Autumn is finally here, my most favorite time of year, ever.

I live for these crisp morning runs lately, the cool evenings, the pumpkin lattes and seasonal beers. Apple picking and hayrides, mulled cider (and mulled wine), the beautiful foliage that seems to just open up the sky at this time of year, cooking warm recipes for chilly nights, baking, lots and lots of baking, sweaters and scarves and new boots, and the new Fall TV lineup.

I love it all.

Sunday’s race went really well, and during the last weekend of summer, we experienced a beautiful day, perfect for a race. Leaving my mom and stepdad’s house in the morning we were thinking otherwise, as the temperature outside was reading 43 degrees, and holyhell, that’s some cool air right there.

It warmed up before we knew it though, and even with a little GPS mishap on the way to the race, we still made it there in plenty of time.

Our goal was to finish in under an hour. Even with our injuries from Friday night, we still finished in under our goal time, clocking in at 55 minutes!

Just as we experienced when we went to Gloucester a couple weeks prior for the dry run, the whole course was absolutely breathtaking. And seriously, a bit of a long hill at the end doesn’t really seem that bad when you have the ocean and crashing waves right next to you. And two cheerleaders at the finish line cheering us on! Thank you Mom and Bill!

Now it’s less than three weeks until the big race (um, I’ve raised a whopping $2,040 so far!!), and it really seems like this whole training stint has just flown by. I’m already starting to feel a bit of apprehension about all of this coming to an end, but that’s a post for another day.

For now, it’s two more long runs to look forward to, a 5k this weekend- the Susan G Komen Race for a Cure with my Mom, and oh, did I mention I’m giving up drinking until race day?

I don’t know what’s gotten into me either, but I kind of like it.

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Well, shit.

So the story goes, after a couple cocktails last night, having been in high heels for fifteen hours, and walking through the Common on our way home, Matt and I thought it would be a good idea if he gave me a piggy back.

Apparently I didn’t get my ass up far enough when I hopped on his back, and for some reason at the time in order to get a little bit of a boost, Matt decided to pick up a little speed.


That lasted about oh, four seconds, and then we were both face down on the pavement in the middle of the Common.


After we both checked in with each other to make sure we weren’t dead or had broken anything, we had a good laugh that went on for quite a bit.  I gathered myself up off the ground and we found out that I was missing one of my black heels?  No where to be found on the pavement, we looked around, and finally found the sucker lying in the grass several feet away from us.  Apparently the shoe got some distance on the Wipe Out.

Unfortunately, Matt ate the pavement with his face, which really, could have been so much worse, because all he came out of it with was a little bit of a cut on his nose, and then a pretty nasty cut on his hand, and a scrape on his right elbow.

Since I was on his back, he broke my fall as well, taking the brunt of it.  I ended up with a couple scrapes on my hands, but where I got the worst of it was on my right knee.  Me and my knee issues! 

I now look like a ten year old with scraped up hands and knees, and one mother of a bruise to boot, which is sexy.

And of course this whole situation went down the weekend of our 10K, which is tomorrow.  Thankfully it wasn’t a hell of a lot worse.  I’ve been icing my knee because it’s pretty sore, but I think that by tomorrow it will be a bit better, and I’ll have that amazing view to keep me distracted, remember?

Anylotsofscrapes, more updates to come after tomorrow’s race!  Wish us luck!

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This morning, Matt and I set out on our 5 mile run, minding our own business, enjoying the quietness on the roads early in the morning (before we got to the whole busy school zone with kids everywhere).

It’s perfect weather for running these days, even almost feeling a bit chilly from what we’ve been used to. This morning it was about 58. Great for running, not so great for open-toed sandals that I’m wearing right now…. but I digress.

So we’re going about our run at a good stride, make our way on a side street, and pass a big black truck.

Now, the following was seen by Matt only.

We stroll by the truck and Matt utters,

"Oookay. That dude in the truck was naked."

I thought I had heard him wrong or he was being a goof or something, so I asked him what the hell he was talking about.

"That guy back there. In the truck. He wasn’t wearing clothes."

I asked him if he was sure he hadn’t made that up, that maybe, I don’t know, he was sans shirt and just sitting in his truck shirtless, which would still be weird, but not as weird (and sketchy?) as the true story….

The guy was fully naked, as in, no clothes whatsoever, just sitting in his truck chilling.

Only to us. Only to us.

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This morning, I set the alarm for 6:15am.

Matt met me at my place at 6:30.

We were in running gear, all set to go by 6:35.

We stretched, sat on the front stoop, and whined about how much we just weren’t feeling it.

And we did a 180, straight back to bed for another hour.

Training fail.

….but damn did that bed feel good.

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Woops, long time no post I guess, huh?

Let me think of what’s happened, running-wise first (since I sometimes forget this is a blog devoted to just that):

  • Last week, after the 8 miler on Monday night in the dark, I took Tuesday off to rest, and finished out the rest of the week’s training schedule with a run Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
  • On Sunday, Matt and I went by the ocean and ran about four and a half miles on a perfect day… look:
I wish this bench was my bed.

I wish this bench was my bed.

  • Isn’t that spot gorgeous?  Well the reason we went there this weekend was to scope out the route for a 10K that we signed up for together in a couple weeks!  The race is in Gloucester, and the whole route is literally with the view above.  How awesome is that?
  • Yesterday we went and ran by the Charles again.  What I love so much about running around there, is that you can make it into whatever distance you want.  I started out with 4, then 6, now I’m up to 8, and it’s perfect because to make it longer, all you have to do is run down a bit further, and cross a different bridge.  It’s like one big humungous loop, with different points to jet off where you want, to make for the different distances.  And, it’s by the water, and I’m pretty much convinced that any running that takes place by the water is a better run.  Other than that day at the Cape, but I won’t dwell on that.

And non-running wise, the weekend was pretty perfect.  The weather was gorgeous, in the mid-seventies all weekend long, and a three day weekend at that.

On Saturday, Matt and I went out around Boston and decided to be tourists in our own city.  If you’re from around here, you probably wouldn’t think to take the time to do something like this, but we were so glad we decided to go on one of the Harbor Island Ferry’s.

Just look at the view!


Oh, and here’s another view that I was looking forward to after my long run yesterday:

Not pictured, delicious sangria that made the meal.

Not pictured, delicious sangria that made the meal.

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Happy September first!

And happy birthday to my stepdad Bill! (Who I don’t think reads this little bloggy, but the thought is still there!)

Talk about autumn-esque conditions outside these past couple days! I’m loving this weather, almost as much as I love a tall glass of chocolate milk, men with good hair, my mom’s homemade apple pie, and celebrity gossip.

Fall is by far my most favorite season, so these cooler mornings and evenings really have me pumped for what’s to come. Some people seem to be all sad about the goodbye of summer but I say bring the fall on, baby.

The only thing about the fall and this change in weather that I’m just not that into, is the shorter days! I hate the sun setting so early, and even more? I’m not a fan of running in the dark.

Which we did last night.

Truth be told, we were going out for an 8 miler so decided that we’d go after the run after work instead of first thing in the morning so we wouldn’t need to get up so early. And we didn’t get out on the road until about 7:30PM, which got us about, oh, 30 minutes of daylight to work with.

The good thing about going at this time around the Charles? Watching the gorgeous sunset right over the water, the sparkly Prudential and other buildings in the background. It was all very peaceful and zen-like, until it was pitch dark and I got cranky because I couldn’t see where the hell I was stepping.

I’m not sure whether I have some sort of … condition, with my eyes, or something, because I have issues seeing with my baby blues in the bright sunlight, and just as much issue in the dark, at night. Maybe I’m just not used to it, and was a little leery being on the path last night not sure where I was really going, but the real darkness, and the running… eh, it just really didn’t do it for me.

Chris and his girlfriend joined Matt and I for the first 2 miles or so, then they branched off and we finished the rest of our 6. Most of the run was pretty okay… with cars on Memorial Drive lighting the path for us, but at times, it was just not so cool not seeing where I was, and it made me a bit whine-y and complain-y, just ask Matt.

Matt, who is totally more of an after-work exerciser than me. Given the choice, I’d workout first thing in the AM every day over waiting until after work to get my workout in. Get me home at 6pm and the last thing I want to do is to run, or hit the gym, or any of that type of thing. I’d rather get home, slip into some comfy clothes, spend time making dinner at a decent hour, and just relax.

But this isn’t for everyone, I know this. Matt and I are basically the ying and yang of exercise. He does well after work, working out late, and then is all high on life for a good couple hours afterwards. In the morning he’s not as into it. Where as I, on the other heel, get tired and cranky when I don’t have my set dinner time, get home really late after a long day, etc.

Oh well, I guess it’s good to switch these things up, right? Spice of life and all? Or something?

Anyway, we made it. 8 miles, and we were done in a decent time, both feeling pretty good. Matt feeling especially good, and looking even better last night as the dude seems to get some sort of energy force that comes from somewhere unfamiliar to me in the evening hours.

Today we’re taking a break and have a day off, back at it tomorrow…. morning?

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