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beach running

Yeah, looks all fun and easy for her, doesn’t it?

I thought it would be pretty good too.  I’ve always wanted to run on the beach, like really run.  Not just run after a ball or straight into the water or run back to the cooler for a beer, but really run run, like with sneakers and for more than 100 yards.

Well that was our very intention on Sunday morning, but after a long night out on Saturday which included a lot of this:


I mean a LOT of it:


And then there was this:


Which, I have no idea how or why, but ended up like this:


….welllll, suffice it to say, we weren’t really in top shape come early Sunday morning for our 7 mile run.

Had we gotten out there a little earlier, we would have been able to run on the hard sand that stretched the whole beach, but since we didn’t come back to life make it out until around 11:30ish, it was a little too late, there wasn’t much clear beach left, it was HOT, and we just weren’t feeling it.

So, we nixed the run, figuring we’d either get it in later that night when we got back home, or first thing Monday, which is when it ended up happening.

Instead of the run there was lots of this:


And this:


And after all of that?  There was a whole soiree of lobsters, corn on the cob, baked potatoes, shrimp, you name it, all courtesy of Mike. 

Oh, but this blog is supposed to be about running, right?

Well we did get in the 7 mile run that we needed, just did it yesterday morning instead.  It was good to get it out of the way first thing, before work.  It was a good run actually, and we both took today off, and plan to run Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and then Sunday…. 8 miles maybe? 

That’s the latest from here!  If only every weekend could be spent here….



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So those damn turkeys were out again today, and this time there were five of them!

We were running on the same road of the incident before, and I specifically said to Matt, “do you think the birds will be out again?”  And through the trek uphill (that hill sucks), he grunted out a “no,” and we proceeded on our way.

Not three minutes later did we see the whole gang chilling on the side of the road this time, the side we were running on (of course).  I immediately told Matt to hurry his pace the hell up, because I didn’t want an encounter with these beasts.
(We’ve never had an encounter before, but I have a weeeee little fear about birds as of late.  After the claw I found on my car last week, and then the bird literally shitting on my shoulder the next day, and the fact that I have not seen the so called “good luck” from that incident as of yet, I figured steering clear of these suckers would be in our best interest!)
As it turned out, the birds stuck to their side of the road and we went to ours.  They kind of stared at us and I had a mild heart attack and also got to add an unplanned sprint in the run, but we escaped from the experience unscathed.
Annnyrealweirdexperienceswithbirds, other than that, the run was mostly good, other than the motherf@*&^%$ heat!  (I’m censoring my language for Matt’s mom who I hear sometimes reads the blog.  (Hi Judy!)  Though, she’s met me in person and knows of my not-so-innocent mouth, and I think she’s still happy that her son is dating me?, so hopefully I’m okay.)
Tomorrow is a shorter run, Friday we’ll do another 4.5, Saturday=OFF (and beach!), and Sunday is 7 miles! 
Hold me.

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So I decided that with the record wicked scorcha temps here for a few days in a row now (and the fact that I got pretty much no sleep last night and the night before), that I’d stay in my AC’d room under the covers today and forgo a run this morning.

Matt asked if I wanted to go after work today instead but I told him that we’d die, so we’re also going to forgo that.

I’m just going to push back the training schedule one day this week, running Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, with a day off on Saturday, and long run on Sunday… on the Cape!

We’re heading there this weekend to Trina’s family’s house in Dennis, and here’s hoping this toasty, sunny weather will keep up until then!

On Sunday I did another 6 mile run with Matt’s friend Chris, in Boston around the Charles. I love running around the Charles for many a reason- one being the scenic views of the harbor, and B- the fact that there are strategically placed water bubblahs throughout the whole loop. I don’t find that kind of magic on my regular suburban neighborhood runs in Waltham and Brighton!

All in all, Sunday’s run was a good one, all things considered. It was blazing heat, even though we hit the road around 9am. It was sticky and humid and barely breathable, but we made it, and even added a couple sprints in there to spice things up. Matt had a lacrosse tournament all weekend, so he was literally beaten up come Sunday, so he took the day off from the long run and took it easy. And I thought I bruised easily. Wow.

That’s about it on the running front today! You probably got your fill of Bahston lingo in here too.*

*Ha, check these shenanigans out!

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  • Icing the knee, again. With peas while I’m at work, strawberries or raspberries while I’m at home. If I’m feeling frisky then I like to add a couple of the frozen berries into a class of champagne, because why not?
  • Happy to have gotten in two solid runs this week after the easy run on Tuesday, post sore-knee after Sunday’s run. Yesterday I just did a quick two miles at the gym on the treadmill (and was yet again reminded why I hate running on treadmills). The only good thing was that I could see in front of me how fast I was going and able to pace myself a little better. Bad Things included: the number of meatheads I had to encounter during my 50 minutes there, having to witness a woman fully disrobing down to her nothing in the locker room, and Gross People who don’t wipe their nasty sweat off of the machines after using them.
  • Glad that today’s run seemed easier than I anticipated. My knee got sore after only about a mile and a half, but I tried the advil before the run and I think that helped, iced it after, and have been icing off and on today. It’s okay, I just don’t want it to get worse.
  • Got my hands on some Glucosamine Chondroitin, thanks to Nilsa’s suggestion. Also tried some Joint Juice that Matt told me about. I had the juice/soda type one because that’s all I could find. Eh, it was alright, definitely not something I’d want to slug back on the regular. I’d like to find the water instead and see how that goes.
  • Looking forward to tomorrow’s day OFF, a good non-running workout Saturday morning, and another 6 miler on Sunday!

Happy almost weekend!

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Yesterday I did my long run, my first ever 6 miler, which was really great and all, but then this:


is not so good.

Matt and I went together, and my knee started hurting on this run circa mile 2 or 3, which is kind of unusual as most my runs are 3-5 lately, and there hasn’t been a problem.  Here and there when I first started off, I was getting the same pain on the lateral side of my left knee, so I’ve been very conscious to spend extra time on butt stretches, and also making sure to really stretch my iliotibial band.  After the run yesterday it really wasn’t feeling so great, so I iced it a bit, and just laid low last night.

Today wasn’t a whole lot better, so I iced it off and on all day long (with the peas!), and now it’s finally starting to feel a little bit better. 

On the one hand I’m super pumped to have cranked out six miles for the first time ever, but I feel a bit discouraged with the knee issue that all of a sudden resurfaced.  I’m hoping with some more ice tonight, maybe some Advil, and some more time stretching in the morning, that the pain will ease up.  I really don’t want to take much of a break, as I’m on a really good streak lately.  At the same time, I’m going to listen to my body and if it doesn’t ease up in the next day or so, I’ll take a few days off and get back to it after that.

Fingers crossed!

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That right there, outside the window next to Matt is a hell of a lot of open land.  Open, flat, seems like it goes on forever road. 

And it’s awesome for running.

So was the temperature.  While still wicked hot, it really wasn’t the type of hot that we’re used to.  Meaning, we weren’t dripping sweat the moment we walked out the door.  We didn’t even break a sweat until a mile or so into our run, even though we were working hard.

It was just nice to be out in the fresh wide open, knowing that we were doing something good for our bodies whilst away on vacation.  (ie: knowing that we were burning off some good calories which allowed us to eat stuff like this..)

they really don't give you enough food at these places...

they really don't give you enough food at these places...

So we got two runs in.  Neither of them were the exact amount that we were supposed to do according to our training schedule, but I didn’t take that all too seriously.  We were on vacation afterall.  It was still nice to at least get a couple runs in, and both of them felt pretty good too.

This week I’ve been prepping for a 6 mile run on Sunday, which I’m looking forward to and am not even all that nervous about.  Four or five weeks ago?  I definitely couldn’t have seen myself running anywhere near that much.  It feels really good to be able to see and feel tangeable improvements.  Both in my time, in the rate at which I fatigue, and in distance.  This program seems to be working out really well.

So that’s the running scoop as of late!  Here are a few more pics from the trip.  We had a wonderful time.  It was so nice to just get away for a few days, to relax and have some fun, visit with my dad, spend some time with Matt, go out for some really good food and cocktails, and just kick back and enjoy ourselves.  As always, the time goes by really fast.  It was Thursday and then before I knew it it was Monday and time to leave.  We had a blast, and I can’t wait to get out there again!

Matt and I with my Dad and his new Wifey, Benala
Matt and I with my Dad and his new Wifey, Benala
too bad he doesn't make me happy?
too bad he doesn’t make me happy?
the famous arch
the famous arch
one of the best sunsets ever
one of the best sunsets ever

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