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running away

Would Cosmo like a leash?
Would Cosmo like a leash?
Off to Reno in the morning, on VACATION!

Updates to come when we return!


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Phew.  I haven’t had a chance to sit down and update here and there are updates, because Sunday I ran a little over 5 miles!
Matt and I ran a little over five miles that is.  It was that hot, sweltering, uncomfy, humid day in New England, and it took effort just to sit on the couch and not sweat.  As the day went on, the idea of running seemed less and less appealing, but 5 miles was on the schedule and I’d be damned if I’d skip out on that one.  Afterall, since the 4 mile run around the Charles went so swimmingly last week, I was feeling confident about adding just one more mile.  Confident,  but a little apprehensive, what with the heat and all.
It actually ended up being much better than I had imagined it could be.  Granted, it was freaking HOT as blazes out there, but once we got going at a good stride, it just didn’t seem so bad.  We at least waited until later in the evening, when it had cooled off a little.  Our goal wasn’t to really even pay much attention to time so much as just getting in the mileage and keeping good form. 
We were sidetracked around mile 4 when we literally ran into two wild turkeys in the middle of the road!  A car was coming towards us and slowed down, rolled down their window and informed us that these suckers (that looked exactly like this):
…were in the middle of the road ahead and to watch out, because they had kind of come at their car.
We had just made it up a pretty decent hill, so it was at the point when are legs were notsogreat, and we weren’t really in sprinting mode, though was sprinting even the right course of action here?  Hell if we knew!
At the same time as we were coming at the turkeys, another dude was coming from the other direction, and he simply ran between the two birds.  I was a little more hesitant and told Matt to risk his life go ahead first, and it all worked out, as the birdies made their way to one side of the road, and we hit the other.
But seriously, how random.  We were on a residential street in Brighton, who’da thunk?!
Anyreallyweirdbirds, we made it back not long after that, having completed just over five miles, and although dumping sweat and tired, we did it, and it felt awesome.
Matt whipped up a delicious dinner (I wonder sometimes how I stumbled upon such a culinary hunk).  Ginger and lemongrass grilled chicken, corn on the cob (I love you), and green beans with soy sauce and garlic, all on the grill.
We slept like rocks that night; hitting the sheets in an AC’d room never felt so awesome.  Yesterday was a strength/stretching day (I did nothing), and this morning we did 3.5 miles (again with the heat).  That went alright.  I felt mostly good, but also pretty tired.  Ah well, we finished.
Tomorrow is a breezy 2.5 miler, and then Thursday we leave for Reno!, so we’re going to need to alter the training just a spec.  Probably will take that day off, do 3.5 on Friday either in the hotel on the treadmill  (yawn), or outside (HOT), and then do another 5 miler on Sunday.
Cannot wait for vacation!

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Phew. Much better run today than yesterday’s run which really doesn’t even count as a run.

As much as Matt and I didn’t want to get out of the comfy bed in the crisply AC’d room this morning, we forced ourselves, and I’m glad we did.

Today’s run felt good. We took the same route as last Thursday and the hills that I complained about then seemed a bit more bearable this week.

One thing I noticed on today’s run that lasted about 30 seconds was whilst going downhill, my left knee was aching, but this time, on the inside, where I had the surgery years ago.
It went away shortly after we made it back to flat ground, and I only noticed it for a little bit, but it was just something new for me.

Other than that, I’d give this run a solid A-, as we finished it in good time, I felt good and not drained after, besides being hot and sticky with the humidity back in action.

Off day tomorrow!, some sort of non-running something on Saturday, and 5 miler on Sunday, hopefully around the Charles again.

Almoooost Friday!

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not so much

Today’s run was a FAIL.

That is all.

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Onto a new week of training!

After Katie and PJ’s fabulous wedding on Saturday night (that kept us up until past 2am), come Sunday morning I wasn’t so much feeling the urge to get out and attack the pavement.
As the day went on, and it was a beautiful day at that, I ended up getting some sort of second wind from somewhere (or rather, forced myself to get said wind, and, knowing that Matt and I had made a plan to meet his buddy for a run by the Charles kept us more accountable), we headed out around 5ish for our 4.2miler.

By then, the weather had cooled off a bit, which was a good thing, and running by the water on a gorgeous day in Boston really can’t be beat. Even better than that, the run felt great, and this is after the gruelling spinning class Matt dragged me to on Saturday!

It was so nice to get out there and do a longer run and feel so good afterwards. After doing three weeks with my long runs at a little over 4 miles, I’m ready to increase it to 5 this weekend.

This morning was my first run outside in the rain, which actually turned out to feel kind of nice, considering the humidity in the air and all, it felt kind of refreshing!

Oh!, and end of last week, get this, I get an email from Dana Farber letting me know that I am one of their top four fundraisers so far! Then I go on to check it out over the weekend, and I’m in the top two! How sweet! To date, I’ve raised $925 dollars!!!

Thank you again to everyone who stops by and checks out this little training blog from time to time, for your encouragement and endless support. I truly couldn’t do it without all of you!

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Tomorrow is Day of Rest according to my little training schedule.

And I’m pumped about it!

Matt and I ran this morning, when all of a sudden New England decided to wake up and get back to normal programming with the humidity and heat we’re used to around here. It’s been so nice and crisp in the mornings lately, really prime running weather, but today…. not so much.

As we were running and at about the halfway mark today (also where Matt had to tell me to stop whining and get my booty up the hill, pronto) (he actually said it in a really kind an encouraging way, but I hated that hill so I have disgust towards the whole 45 second time frame it took us to make it past it), we reminded ourselves that tomorrow is our Day Off, ie, Day to Sleep In!

"Sleep In" is relative here, since we still have to work and all, but at least it’s later than our pesky alarm circa the 6 o’clock hour all this week.

Yet, I know myself, and if it’s anything like the weekends, I’ll still wake up earlier than I need to, just because my body is used to it. That’s the worst when it happens on Sunday mornings when the thing you want most to do is to just sleep in, but your body (or in my case, my rascal of a cat), has other ideas and wakes you up at 6!

Anymuchlookingforwardtobed, a good training week on the whole, and I’m actually looking forward to the 4 miler on Sunday around the Charles!

Happy soon to be weekend!

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Well the 4-7 of you who read this blog, the nasty blisters I mentioned last week are still present, and not only that, they are multiplying!

The good thing about it is, they really don’t hurt during my run, it’s the after that they get sore. They rub and feel not so great during the first half a mile or so, and then I don’t notice them so much. Afterwards is when they really bother me, and even worse, they look just awful! Now people are asking me either why I have fifteen bandaids on my feet or what the hell happened because they look even worse than they actually feel.

I’m hoping that this is just all part of the breaking in the new sneakers process?, and that sooner or later it will just stop happening. Actually, this morning Matt and I went for a short run, and they didn’t bother me at all. Maybe I’m over the hump?

I’m going to look into getting some different insoles or something like Nilsa mentioned to me the other day. We’ll see how that all works out.

Speaking of Matt and I running together!, for a guy who "hated running," he’s been seriously kicking some ass out there! On Monday night he went with one of his buddies for a 4 miler by the Charles. He’s been following the same training schedule that I am for the race, and he’s really nailing it! Today is the day that registration for the half marathon opens up to the public (I signed up earlier with the Dana Farber team), and he’s giving it some thought about whether he’ll join me in this crazy endeavor!

And even if not, we are looking into some road races coming up. There’s a couple 5k’s in the area, and a random 5k/10k in September that starts and ends at a brewery. A race that starts and ends with beer? Count me in on that!

It’s been really nice to finally have some sun lately. Running outside and in the mornings when it’s still cool is so much better than the damn treadmill which just gets monotonous and boring. Hitting the roads feels so much better and I’m pumped to have been able to do that for the past several days! It’s also nice to have someone to train with, which is why I particularly like going with Matt, and enjoyed the run a couple weeks ago with Bret and Erica. I’ve been peaking around online to find some local running groups in the area, but no dice as of yet. We’ll see…

Welp, that’s the latest for now. Off to find some new bandaids so I don’t scare people away….

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